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Ekota Express Train Schedule Ticket Price Rout Map Stoppages

Ekota Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Stoppages

The article discusses Ekota Express train schedule, ticket price, seat plan, route map, facilities, stoppages and travel duration.

Ekota Express is one of the 3 farthest intercity trains of Bangladesh Railway, runs between the capital Dhaka and the northernmost district of the country, Panchagarh.

Bangabandhu Safari Park Gazipur

Bangabandhu Safari Park, Gazipur

Gazipur is a district full of forests, parks, picnic spots, resorts and archeological sites. The most visited place in the district is Bangabandhu Safari Park, often referred to as Gazipur Safari Park. Gazipur Safari Park is the largest safari park in Asia. It is only 40 kilometers away from Dhaka mega city. Near the historic Bhawal fort, this vast park has been built amidst small hills and huge robusta forests.

Jakob Tower, the tallest watch tower in the subcontinent

Jakob Tower, the tallest watch tower in the subcontinent

Jacob Tower is the tallest watchtower in the subcontinent for tourists, located in the town of Char Fashion in Bhola district. Much like the Eiffel Tower, the 16-story tower is 225 feet high. Up to 500 visitors can climb the Jakob Tower together and enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Dhaka to Panchagarh train Drutojan Express Schedule and Ticket Price

Dhaka to Panchagarh Train Schedule & Ticket Price

The longest railway in Bangladesh is Dhaka-Panchagarh railway. This article covers Dhaka to Panchagarh train schedule and ticket price; Introduction, schedule and stoppages of Ekota Express, Drutojan Express and Panchagarh Express; Distance and travel time between these two cities and more.

Bashundhara City Shopping Complex

Bashundhara City

Bashundhara City in Dhaka is the largest shopping mall in South Asia. Built in the style of modern western architecture, the 21-storey shopping complex is a symbol of modern Dhaka city. So, in addition to shopping, many people visit Bashundhara City everyday just to enjoy and experience.

Haringhata Forest Trail, Pathorghata, Barguna

Haringhata Deer Forest

Haringhata forest is mainly famous for its spotted deer. The sight of flocks of deer wandering in the secluded forest attracts more tourists. However, in addition to ‘Harin’, there are many other animals in Haringhata. There are 20 species of wildlife including wild chickens, monkeys, pigs, monitor lizards, red crabs and various species of reptiles. There are also 70 species of birds.

Feni to Chittagong Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2021

Feni to Chittagong Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2021

Feni and Chittagong are two adjacent cities. The distance between the two is not too much. But since the railway track from all over the country goes to Chittagong through Feni, there are many trains available on Feni to Chittagong route, and traveling by train is very affordable and safe.

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