Bangabandhu Safari Park, Gazipur

Gazipur, a district near the capital, is full of forests, parks, picnic spots, resorts and archeological sites. The most visited place in Gazipur is Bangabandhu Safari Park. The Park is located 40 km north of Dhaka, 3 km west of Bagher Bazar of Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway, in Mauna Union, Sreepur Upazila, Gazipur. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, also called as Gazipur Safari Park, is built around the historic Bhawal Fortress, within lots of small hills and huge sal forests.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, Gazipur
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, the largest safari park in Asia.

Gazipur’s Sal (vatica robusta) forest, spread over an area of 4909 acres, is known as a safe haven for various species of animals, large and small. The 3,810 acre area of this forest has been included in Bangabandhu Safari Park. An observation center has built there to watch the park from above. Since the park is not far from Dhaka city, you can take a tour with your family and return within the day. Just imagine, there are tigers, lions, giraffes, zebras, wild deer and other animals walking around you, and in the middle of them you are riding around in a minibus. Gazipur Safari Park is really amazing for such an exciting experience.

Wildlife in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, Gazipur
This is how tigers roam freely in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, Gazipur.

Let’s imagine again, you went for a walk into the forest to get close to nature. Suddenly a hungry and ferocious tiger or lion jumped on you. But no, they didn’t reach you because of a little barrier. The barrier is a thick glass wall. You may feel scared, absently. But it’s fun to be scared like this. Asia’s largest safari park Bangabandhu Safari Park has been built in Gazipur, Bangladesh in line with Thailand’s Safari World to give tourists this kind of thrilling experience.

A safari park is not a zoo, it is a wildlife sanctuary. In the zoo, wild animals are confined and people are free. But in a safari park people are protected, and wildlife is open.

Gazipur Safari Park is divided into 5 parts—Core Safari, Safari Kingdom, Biodiversity Park, Extensive Asian Safari Park and Bangabandhu Square.

Core Safari

The Core Safari section has been formed in Bangabandhu Safari Park with a special area of 1,335 acres. Here wild animals roam freely in a completely wild environment. Therefore, it’s not allowed to enter here without a car. There are two jeeps and two minibuses for visitors. After paying a fixed fee, visitors can take a bus or jeep to see the wildlife left in the natural environment. The Core Safari park includes tigers, lions, black bears, African cheetahs, spotted deer, hyenas, elephants, hippos, blue cows, wild buffalo, maya deer, para deer, etc.

This Core part of Gazipur Safari Park has an area of 240 acres allocated for African animals only. The long-necked giraffe here is always ready to welcome you. What’s more roaming here are zebras, tigers, lions, white lions, black bucks, bears, etc.

Core Safari, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park Gazipur
Visitors to enter 'Core Safari', the main part of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, Gazipur.

Safari Kingdom

Safari Kingdom is another interesting part of Bangabandhu Safari Park, Gazipur. Tourists may walk around here, as the animals are confined in small cages. The Safari Kingdom has created opportunities for tourists to entertain, learn and research about wildlife through the display of various wildlife juggling and plays. The Safari Kingdom covers an area of 575 acres. Near its entrance you’ll find the Macaw Land. There are about 34 species of birds, including blue-golden macaws, green macaws, African gray parrots, pheasants, pelicans, and lutino ring-neck parrots. All of these have been brought from Africa.

There are also Nature Observation Center, Giraffe Feeding Spot, Boating and Lake Zone, Crowned Pheasant Aviary, Kuvera Aviary, Crocodile Park, Orchid House, Butterfly Corner, Vulture and Owl corner, Egg World, Turtle Breeding Center, Lamchita House, Elephant-Show Gallery, Peacock Open Land, Snake Park, Fancy Carp Garden, Fancy Dark Garden, Lizard Park, Food Court, Observation Tower, Reservoir etc.

Next to the Macaw Land, there is a Marine Aquarium. There are about 20 species of fish here. Crocodile Fish, Tiger Fish, Black Goose, Oscar and more. You’ll be amazed by the chocolate fish which changes its color every 20 seconds. There is also a butterfly safari with 26 species of butterflies.

Bangabandhu Safari Park Gazipur
Safari Kingdom—A special zone in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, Gazipur.

Bangabandhu Square

Bangabandhu Square is a complete information and education center established on 38 acres of land in Bangabandhu Safari Park, Gazipur. Here are the main office of the park, parking area, amusement park and administrative buildings. There is a ‘Nature History Museum’ for various information and research with biology. The museum houses the remains, specimens and stuffing of about two thousand species of vertebrates and invertebrates. The gate of Bangabandhu Square is decorated with very beautiful murals and models. There are nice fountains and lakes, display maps, restrooms, dormitories, eco-resorts and so on.

Bangabandhu Safari Park Visiting Schedule

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park is open six days a week from 9 am to 5 pm, except Tuesdays. The park is closed every Tuesday. It demands a whole day to tour the whole park. So, it’s better if you leave early in the morning. Then you can comfortably walk around all day and enjoy all parts of the park.

Entrance fees at Bangabandhu Safari Park

Entry to the safari park:

The ticket price for all adult Bangladeshis to enter Gazipur Safari Park is 50 taka. However, the ticket fee for children under 18 is 20 taka. For students it’s even less, they can enter the park by paying only 10 taka fee. And for foreign visitors, the entrance fee to Gazipur Safari Park is 5 dollar each.

Also, there are special discounts on entrance fees for those coming on educational tours from different schools or Madrasas. If the group of students is 40-100 people, then the entrance fee for all is 400 taka. If the number of students is more than 100, the fee for them is 800 taka.

Core Safari Park Entrance Fee:

If you want to take a ride in a jeep or minibus throughout the Core Safari park where animals roam in open, you’ve to pay a fee of 100 taka. However, for boys and girls under the age of 18 and for students, the entrance fee to the Core Safari Park is 50 taka per person. The jeep or minibus will turn around for 20 minutes.

You’ll also need to buy a ticket to enter other areas of the park. It will cost around 200-300 taka to visit all the spots. There are also several spot viewing packages available. And it will cost 200 taka per person to travel 30 minutes with a paddle boat.


Parking Rent:

Parking rent for each bus, coach or truck at Bangabandhu Safari Park is 200 taka. However, for a microbus or mini bus, the rent is 100 taka. And parking rent for jeeps, private cars, autorickshaws and CNG is 60 taka.

(Note: all rental rates mentioned here may change at any time.)

Zebras in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, Gazipur
Zebras roaming in the forest of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, Gazipur.

How to go to Bangabandhu Safari Park

Get on a Bhaluka, Mymensingh or Sreepur-bound bus from Mohakhali in Dhaka city. Get off the bus at Bagher Bazar in Gazipur. If you keep in mind the possible traffic jam, it will take about 2 hours. Getting off the bus at Bagher Bazaar, take a rickshaw or CNG autorickshaw and reach straight to the park. It will take you only 20 minutes and the rent is 30-40 taka. However, if you take a rickshaw from here, it will cost you 50-70 taka to get to the park.

Where to Eat

Gazipur Safari Park has two large observation restaurants: one called Tiger Restaurant and the other is Lion Observation Restaurant. Sitting in any of these restaurants and keeping an eye to the lions and tigers through the glass, you can finish your meal.

Hotel Restaurant, Gazipur Safari Park
'Tiger Restaurant', a quality restaurant in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, Gazipur.

Advice for Tourists in Bangabandhu Safari Park

  • Dispose of any waste including beverage bottles, polythene, indigestible items in the designated dustbin.
  • Don’t get out of the moving vehicle while visiting tigers and lions.
  • Stay away from ferocious wildlife cages.
  • Follow the warning where it appears.
  • Don’t use mic or devices that make loud noise.
  • If you want to use the restroom, book in advance.
  • Refrain from feeding wildlife.
  • You can’t enter the park with any food from outside.
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