Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. It is the 9th largest and the 7th most populous city in the world. Dhaka has been in the capital status since 1610. The Mughal subahdar Islam Khan inaugurated the city as the capital by beating the ‘dhak’ (drum), hence the name Dhaka. Dhaka has been dubbed the ‘City of Mosques’, as it has housed about a thousand mosques.

Dhaka City is surrounded by the rivers Buriganga, Turag, Dhaleshwari and Shitalakshya. As a result, it has a contact to the entire country with the waterways, along with roads and airways. The traditional Dhaka city has many sights. In this article, we’ll show you some attractive travel information and pictures of selected places to visit in Dhaka which seem to be naturally beautiful and historically significant to you.

Dhaka Ramna Park

Ramna Park Dhaka

Dhaka Ramna Park Ramna Park is a picturesque park in Ramna area of ​​Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It is the oldest park in Dhaka city, which has a tradition of more than four hundred years. Every year, on the initiative of Chhayanaut, Bangla New Year is celebrated on the first day of Boishakh under a banyan tree in Ramna Park. This is the main center for the morning walk …

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Lalbagh Fort : History, Travel Information and Image Gallery

Lalbagh fort, Lalbagh Kella

Lalbagh Fort History, Travel Information and Image Gallery Previous Next A Brief History of Lalbagh Fort Lalbagh Fort (Lalbagh Kella) is the only historical landmark of Bangladesh built during the Mughal period. It is constructed of a combination of touchstone, marble stone and colored tile. Apart from Lalbagh Fort, no such historical combination has been found in any other historical landmark of Bangladesh. Lalbagh Fort is located in Lalbagh of …

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Bangabandhu Safari Park, Gazipur

Bangabandhu Safari Park Gazipur

Gazipur is a district full of forests, parks, picnic spots, resorts and archeological sites. The most visited place in the district is Bangabandhu Safari Park, often referred to as Gazipur Safari Park. Gazipur Safari Park is the largest safari park in Asia. It is only 40 kilometers away from Dhaka mega city. Near the historic Bhawal fort, this vast park has been built amidst small hills and huge robusta forests.

Bashundhara City

Bashundhara City Shopping Complex

Bashundhara City in Dhaka is the largest shopping mall in South Asia. Built in the style of modern western architecture, the 21-storey shopping complex is a symbol of modern Dhaka city. So, in addition to shopping, many people visit Bashundhara City everyday just to enjoy and experience.

Jinjira Palace

Jinjira Palace, Dhaka

Jinjira Palace is a 400-year-old edifice of the Mughal period, located on the banks of the river Buriganga in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. This article gives you a brief overview on the history, significance, architecture and travel information of Jinjira Palace, along with a few rare photographs.

Botanical Garden, Dhaka

Botanical Garden Dhaka

The National Botanical Garden is the largest center for conservation, research and exhibition of plant species in Bangladesh. The garden is located next to Dhaka Zoo at Mirpur in the capital city. It was established in 1961 over an area of ​​about 208 acres. About 1.5 million visitors visit the National Botanical Gardens every year.

According to Banglapedia, there are about 50,000 species of plants in the Bangladesh National Botanical Garden. Many species of exotic plants have been planted and adapted here and are breeding regularly in the local climate.

Rose Garden Palace

Rose Garden Dhaka

Rose Garden is a historic palace located in KM Das Lane, Tikatuli, Old Dhaka. It is very close to the Baldha Garden. Bangladesh Awami League was formed in 1949 in this palace. The Rose Garden is a royal garden house with white stone statues, artificial jets and fountains, paved ponds and sculptures in a unique architectural style. The name of Rose Garden is associated with the birth history of Bangladesh. The once historic Rose Garden has now taken on a new name, Rashid Manzil.

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