Mymensingh Division is an administrative area of Bangladesh. It is the eighth division of the country in the north-central of Bangladesh. The Mymensingh division comprises four districts: Mymensingh, Jamalpur, Sherpur and Netrokona. The area, which is 10,584 square kilometers in size, is a very ancient settlement. It is bounded on the north by Meghalaya (Khasia and Jainta) Hills of India, Dhaka Division on the south, Sylhet Division on the east and Rajshahi and Rangpur divisions on the west. Besides Bengali, tribal people like Garo, Koch, Dalu, Burman, Hajong are also live in this division.

The above four districts of Mymensingh Division have many natural and historical sights. Below we’re presenting a list of places to visit in Mymensingh division with pictures and brief introduction.

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