Shat Gombuj Mosque, Bagerhat

Shat Gombuj Masjid (sixty dome mosque), Bagerhat, Bangladesh

Shat Gombuj Mosque, Bagerhat Shat Gombuj Mosque (sixty dome mosque) is the biggest mosque and the foremost spectacular Muslim monument of the ancient sultanate era within the whole of the Himalayan subcontinent. Historians estimate that Khan Jahan Ali—the famous Sufi and conqueror of the southern part of Bengal—built the mosque in the fifteenth century. The saint khan Jahan administered the realm till 1459 when he passed away, seated at Haveli-Khalifabad, which …

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Mahasthangarh, Golden Wrecks of a Lost Civilization


Mahasthangarh, The Golden Wrecks of a Lost Civilization Mahasthangarh is one of the primeval antiquities in Bangladesh. It’s also known as Pundravardhana or Pundranagar in history. Mahasthangarh was once the capital of Bengal. Archaeological evidences show that a civilized society established here about two and a half thousand years before the birth of Jesus Christ. Hiuen Tsang, a famous Chinese tourist traveled to Pundrunagar i.e. Mahasthangarh in 638 AD. He noticed …

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Sajek Valley, Kingdom of Clouds

Sajek Valley

One of the most beautiful scenerio of Bangladesh is Sajek Valley. If you’ve ever wished to roam the kingdom of clouds, you can visit Sajek Valley in Rangamati. Because it is called the kingdom of clouds. When you get there, you’ll feel as if you are floating over clouds. You may be sitting, but the clouds are playing near your feet. Thinking of such a scenario is thrilling, isn’t it? And that is why the Sajek Valley, located in Baghaichhari Upazila of Rangamati district, has become very popular with travelers.

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Cox’s Bazar Sea-beach

Cox's Bazar Sea Beach, Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar Beach: Cox’s Bazar Hotels, Sights, Dining & Everything In this article we’ve discussed in detail about travel to Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh—things to do in Cox’s Bazar, what else to see in the vicinity, information about cox bazar hotel, what to eat there and all you need to know as a traveler we’ve put here. Cox’s Bazar Beach: An example of amazing beauty Cox’s Bazar sea beach, locally …

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Madhabkunda Waterfall

Madhabkunda Waterfall, Sylhet

Madhabkunda Waterfall, located at Moulvibazar district in Sylhet, is known as one of the highest waterfall of Bangladesh. The waterfall has been rolling down from the rocky hill of Patharia.

Gangamara is a stream flows over the Patharia hill. The stream flowed down from the edge of the hill, then it was named Madhab Chora. A huge hole or ‘kunda’ has been created below due to the waterfall falling from very high. This is how the waterfall was named Madhabkunda.

Kuakata Beach Tour, 2023

Red Crab Island, Kuakata Beach

Kuakata sea beach is an amazingly scenic beach. This is the only beach in South Asia that offers both sunrise and sunset views unobstructed. Kuakata, popularly called as ‘the sea-girl’, is located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, at Kalapara upazila in Patuakhali, the southernmost part of Bangladesh. Surrounded by Gajmati reserve forests to the east, Kuakata woodlands to the west, Kalapara habitation to the north and by the vast Bay of Bengal to the south, Kuakata beach is the most crowded tourist destination in Bangladesh.

Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest

Sundarbans deer bangladesh

Sundarbans is so beautiful that it has been called the natural wonder of the world. Sundarbans Tiger is famous around the world as ‘Royal Bengal Tiger’. Besides tigers, Sundarbans is known as home to a wide variety of wildlife species including birds, Chitra deer, saltwater crocodile, keto turtles, freshwater crocodiles, snakes, etc.

Sandwip Travel Guide

সন্দ্বীপ ভ্রমণ, Sandwip Travel.

Sandwip is a beautiful island in Bangladesh, located on the southeast coast of the Bay of Bengal, in the estuary of the sea and the river Meghna. It’s a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty and exceptional features. The island has been surviving for three thousand years by fighting the currents of the river and the waves of the sea.

Boats at Tanguar Haor: Facilities, Rent & Phone

টাঙ্গুয়ার হাওর ভ্রমণ নৌকা ভাড়া ২০২৩

Boating around Tanguar Haor in Sunamganj will give you a unique experience. But where to get a boat to voyage in the Haor? What are the facilities of the boats? How much is the rental of a boat? Looking for mobile numbers for boats? Here you will find the answers to all your questions. The article is about the rentals, facilities, and phone numbers for boats in Tanguar Haor.

Dhaka Ramna Park

Ramna Park Dhaka

Dhaka Ramna Park Ramna Park is a picturesque park in Ramna area of ​​Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It is the oldest park in Dhaka city, which has a tradition of more than four hundred years. Every year, on the initiative of Chhayanaut, Bangla New Year is celebrated on the first day of Boishakh under a banyan tree in Ramna Park. This is the main center for the morning walk …

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