Ramsagar Dinajpur : History, Image, Travel Information

Ramsagar Dighi (lake) Dinajpur, one of the best tourist places in Dinajpur Bangladesh

Ramsagar is a man-made dighi located in the village of Tajpur in Dinajpur district. It is the largest man-made dighi in Bangladesh. The area of ​​Ramsagar along the coast is 4,37,492 square meters; Length 1,031 meters and width 364 meters. Depth is about 10 meters on average. The height of the bank is 13.5 meters. There was a ghat in the middle of the west bank of the Dighi, with some remains still there. The length and width of the gaht made by sandstone slabs of various shapes were 45.8 m and 18.3 m, respectively. The dighi banks are 10.75 m high.