BD Railway Ticket Booking Online with Esheba & Mobile

A ticket is required to travel by train. In the past, you had to wait in lines to buy a train ticket, which was tedious and time consuming. Bangladesh Railway introduced E-Ticketing Service through Esheba website, Rail Sheba app and mobile SMS, so that passengers may book train tickets online from the comfort of their homes. BD railway ticket booking online with Esheba, Mobile app and SMS has gained rapid popularity across the country since it’s launched.

E-ticket means electronic ticket. Paper tickets are physically purchased by passengers appearing at the station. But you don’t have to bother with e-ticket purchase, you can book it from anywhere using website, mobile app or SMS. You can also pay the ticket price online, by bank transfer or bKash. Your ticket will be sent to you immediately via email upon successful booking. On the eve of the journey you will ask for the original paper ticket by showing a printed copy of the SMS, or email at the station.

Bangladesh Railway Online Ticket Esheba
Bangladesh Railway Online Ticket made train travel more comfortable.

Bangladesh Railway launched their e-ticketing service on 29/05/2012, as part of the digitization process of all government jobs.

In this article we’ll show you with all the necessary links and helpful pictures that how to register for Bangladesh railway ticket booking online on Esheba website, Rail Sheba app and mobile SMS, how to buy e-ticket, and how to pay train ticket price online.

Website & App for Online Train Ticket Booking

Bangladesh government has developed a website and a mobile app to provide digital services to train passengers through online ticket booking. The website called E-Ticketing Service or Esheba is and the mobile app Rail Sheba is available for download here for Android and here for iOS.

But let’s first see how to register on Esheba website and app, and how to use them.

BD Railway Ticket Online from Esheba, Two Limitations

One of the limitations of buying train tickets using Railway e Ticket service is that you cannot buy more than 4 tickets in one day. This restriction has been imposed so that the middlemen cannot take illegal advantage using ‘esheba’ service.

The second limitation is that, according to the normal management of the Authority, there are a total of 11 categories of seat in each train, but there are 5 most used category of seats available for you through the e ticket service of Railway.

BD Train Ticket Booking on Esheba Website

To buy online train tickets through Bangladesh Railway’s Esheba website, you first need to register on the E-Ticketing Service’s website. You can then purchase train tickets by logging in with your ID and password.

Here we are explaining the whole process of booking railway e-tickets in Bangladesh from beginning to end keeping in mind the new users. If you are already registered, you can skip the registration process guidelines and go to the ticket purchase stage.

1. Tthings to have to buy a Train Ticket Online


To register on Esheba website for railway online ticket, you’ll need the following two things:

  • An active mobile phone number,
  • An email address.
Phone and Email ID required to sign up for online train ticket Esheba
A phone and an email ID are required to sign up on Esheba for online train ticket.

Ticket purchase:

To complete purchasing e-tickets, you need the following 3 things:

  • A transaction card like Credit, Debit, Visa, Master, DBBL, Nexus, or any mobile banking account such as Rocket, bKash or Nagad.
  • A photocopy of the mail sent to you by the Railway.
  • A photocopy of your national identity card.

2. Online Train Ticket Esheba: Registration Steps

Step-1Go to
Step-2Click on the Register menu at the top right. The user registration form will open.
Step-3Enter your name, email, mobile number and a password of your choice, then click the sign up button.
Step-4A code (6 digits) has been sent to your mobile. Verify your account with that code.
Step-5Now open a page named Update User Profile, containing the information you provided earlier in a form and 5 empty fields. Enter your date of birth, address, postcode, gender and serial number of national identity card or birth certificate in the blank fields. Then click on the Update Your Profile button. Your registration is completed and you’re now ready to get online railway ticket.
Bangladesh Railway online Ticket booking
A screenshot of Bangladesh Railway e Ticket booking website.

3. Bangladesh Railway Ticket Online: Buying Steps

Step-1Go to and login with your ID (email or phone) and password.
Step-2You’ll see a 6-cells form. Select from the dropdown list that when and from where to where you would like to go, how many tickets of which classes you need and whether you’ve any child with you. Then click on the Find button. It will show the available trains of your desired date along with ticket prices. Now, click on the Purchase Ticket button.
Step-3Pay your e Ticket price to Bangladesh Railway to the account shown, with your transaction card (credit / bKash).
Step-4A digital copy of your online train ticket will be sent to your email as soon as the ticket price is paid.
Step-5From your email inbox, print out the e Ticket you just got. Submit this along with photocopy of your identity card, at the concerned station, 15 minutes before your departure. Then, station master will give you the original paper copy of your train ticket.
Bangladesh Railway Online Ticket Booking through Esheba, App & Mobile
A screenshot of e Ticket search result on esheba website.

4. Train Ticket Refund Policy

If for any reason you want to cancel a train ticket purchased online or offline, there is a chance and you’ll get full refund as per the refund policy of Bangladesh Railway. In that case, 48 hours before the scheduled time of your departure, you’ve to go to the concerned railway station with your purchased original train ticket or a printed copy of your online ticket, along with your national identity card or its attested photocopy.

Find bus ticket counters’ all mobile number for Ena, Hanif, Shyamoli or Sakura.

Train Ticket Booking with Rail Sheba Mobile App

‘Rail Sheba’ mobile app is another easy way to buy train tickets in Bangladesh. There are two separate versions of the app for Android and iPhone. Install it on your smartphone from Google Play or Apple App Store. Then sign up with your phone number, book the train ticket for your desired destination, pay the ticket price via Visa / Master, Amex card or bKash and get your train ticket into your email inbox immediately.

Train Ticket Booking with Rail Sheba Mobile App
Bangladesh Railway online ticket booking mobile app.

Install the app first. Click on a link below:
Rail Sheba App for Android
Rail Sheba App for iOS

How to use Rail Sheba Mobile App

BD Railway ticket booking through Rail Sheba mobile app
Steps for booking train ticket through Rail Sheba mobile app.

Once you open the Rail Sheba mobile app on your phone, you will understand how to buy a train ticket. However, here are the steps of the process.

Step-1: When you open the Rail Sheba app, the login page will float in front of you first. Here you will login with your mobile number and password. If you haven’t already signed up, complete the registration by clicking ‘Signup’ in the bottom menu.

Step-2: After logging in, the home page will open. Click on ‘Purchase’ button from here.

Step-3: From the dropdown list on this page you select your starting station, destination station and date of travel.

Step-4: Now press the “Search Train” button.

How to buy train ticket online through Rail Sheba mobile app
How to purchase train ticket online through Rail Sheba mobile app.

Step-5: Now the trains available on your searched route will be displayed along with the schedule. From here, you can select the train of your choice, the number of seats you want to book, and whether you have any children with you.

Step-6: Here you’ll see your ticket information. That is the total amount of your ticket price payable, including VAT (if applicable) and bank charges. After checking the information, now you’ll pay the price of your train ticket. To pay, press the “Pay Now” button.

Step-7: In the last step, you’ll pay for your train ticket using any of the displayed means of payment. So, pay for your ticket by selecting whichever you use from Visa Card, MasterCard, Nexus Card, Amex Card, Rocket or bKash. Your booking will be confirmed as soon as the price is paid and your online train ticket will be sent to your email inbox.

Check train schedule from Dhaka to Khulna, Mymensingh, Kolkata.

BD Railway Ticket Online: Payment Precautions & Terms

  • When you book train train tickets and pay ticket price using Rail Sheba mobile app, Bangladesh Railway’s automated system will issue your ticket within the next 30 minutes.
  • Your purchased ticket will be sent to your email as well as a copy will be stored in the dashboard of your Rail Sheba app which you can download in PDF format.
  • If you use Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail mail services, they may sometimes leave your train ticket confirmation email in the junk or spam folder of your email. So, keep an eye on that folder as well as the inbox.
  • If a service provider has blocked your train ticket mail for any reason, you must collect it from your Rail Sheba app dashboard.
  • If your ticket purchase is not completed even after payment due to the complexity of the payment gateway, you will get your money back through the respective gateway within 8 working days. If you do not receive it or you have any other complaint, please write the details and send an email to [email protected] and inform the Bangladesh Railway Authority about the problem. The railway authorities will reply you within 7 working days.

Online Train Ticket Service by Robi

In addition to Bangladesh Railway’s own e-ticketing service, mobile operator Robi has launched online train ticket booking service through its digital payment solution RobiCash.

You can take Robi’s service of online train ticket booking by installing the RobiCash app on your smartphone, or by dialing USSD *787#. You can get the train ticket facility. Non-Robi customers can also avail this facility from Robi’s agent points. In this case customers will get e-ticket SMS from the system and the agent will get a confirmation SMS.

How to Book & Pay for Online Train Ticket Through Robi

Robi customers will choose their travel date, starting station, destination station, train, ticket class through a user-friendly process in the next steps by dialing *787# from their Robi mobile phone to book train tickets online.

At the end of the ticket booking process the user will immediately receive an SMS with the booking code, this time he will pay the price to confirm his ticket booking. Within 30 minutes of receiving the SMS, the buyer has to go to any RobiCash point and pay his train ticket price.

After paying the ticket price, the buyer will receive an e-ticket number via SMS. This SMS has to be shown at the railway station to collect the printed ticket. Users are advised to collect their paper-based tickets at least one hour before the train departure time. This e-ticketing service is available at 52 railway stations across the country.

A service charge of 20 taka will be applicable for each ticket purchase. Under the terms of Bangladesh Railway, purchased train tickets are not transferable. A maximum of four train tickets can be purchased in a month through one mobile phone number.

This mobile based train ticket booking facility is available seven days a week, daily from 08:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Customers will be able to purchase tickets up to 10 days before the date of their train journey.

How To Track BD Train by SMS?

To track train in Bangladesh by SMS, go to the message option of your mobile and type “TR”, give a space, then enter your desired train number and send the message to 16318.

For example, you want to know the location of Parabat Express train leaving from Dhaka, whose number is 709. Then type TR 709 in your message, and send it to 16318. In the return SMS, you will be notified immediately where your desired train is at this moment.

If You've Queries

This is all the necessary information on how to buy train tickets online using Bangladesh Railway E-Ticketing service ‘esheba’. Click on this link to get the latest information about train schedule and ticket price from one district to another in Bangladesh. If you’ve further queries of buying online train Ticket, feel free to contact us. Leave your valuable comment in the box below. Share this post with your friends so that they can learn how to buy online train ticket in Bangladesh. Thank you so much for spending some time with us.

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