Botanical Garden, Dhaka

The National Botanical Garden or Bangladesh National Herbarium is the largest center for conservation, research and exhibition of plant species in Bangladesh. It is better known as the Botanical Garden Dhaka. The garden is located next to Dhaka Zoo at Mirpur in the capital city. The National Botanical Garden was established in 1961 over an area of ​​about 208 acres (84 hectares). Another major forest conservation center in Dhaka is the Baldha Garden, which is administratively a part of the Botanical Garden. About 1.5 million visitors visit the National Botanical Gardens every year.

Botanical Garden Dhaka

According to Banglapedia, there are about 50,000 species of plants in the Bangladesh National Botanical Garden. Many species of exotic plants have been planted and adapted here and are breeding regularly in the local climate. There are many rare and exotic species in the collection of the garden: Anthurium crystallinum, Cinamomum camphora, Davallia canariensis, Dombeya spectabilis, Ixora superba, Mussaenda luteola, Victoria amazonica, Spathodea campanulata, Santalum album etc. This well-planned garden with about 57 plant categories has various educational and recreational facilities. It is managed by the Forest Department under the Ministry of Forests and Environment.

Adults have to collect a ticket for 20 taka per person to enter the Botanical Garden. However, the ticket price for minors is only 5 taka. Students on educational tours can enter the Botanical Garden at 3 taka per person with the consent of the authorities.

Botanical Garden Time Table

From March to November, the Botanical Gardens are open to visitors daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. On the other hand, from December to February, the Botanical Garden is closed at 4:30 pm.

Botanical Garden Dhaka

How to go to Botanical Garden

It will cost 10 taka to go directly to the Botanical Garden riding a Laguna from Gabtoli bus terminal. On the other way, you can take a bus from Sadarghat bus terminal directly to the Botanical Garden via Mirpur-1, which will cost 25 taka.

Where To Eat

Food prices are much higher at the food stalls in front of the Botanical Gardens. So be careful before buying anything from those hotels. If you wish, you can buy light food from Gol Chattor of Mirpur-1 or you can eat your favorite food somewhere else after returning from the Botanical Garden.

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