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In this article we’ve discussed in detail about travel to Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh—things to do in Cox’s Bazar, what else to see in the vicinity, information about cox bazar hotel, what to eat there and all you need to know as a traveler we’ve put here.

Cox's Bazar Sea Beach, Bangladesh
Cox's Bazar Beach: An example of amazing beauty

Cox’s Bazar sea beach, locally called also cox bazar beach, is said to be the longest unbroken beach in the world. It is the most popular tourist destination in Bangladesh. The 122 km long Cox’s Bazar beach is completely sandy with mud nowhere to be found. This horizon-touched sandy terrain, rows of tamarisk trees, crashing waves on the shore one after another, fishermen’s activities with boats and trawlers, the beauty of the magnificent sunrise and the charming sunset made Cox’s Bazar an unparalleled home of beauty.

When someone plans a trip somewhere inside Bangladesh, the name of Cox’s Bazar must come first. Not only domestic tourists, but also thousands of tourists from abroad come to this beach every year. However, Cox’s Bazar beach is not as crowded as other beaches in the world. So when you visit here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature in your own way.

The islands of Maheshkhali, Kutubdia, Sonadia, St. Martin, Shahpari, Cherha Dwip, Matarbari and the rivers Matamuhuri, Bankkhali and Kohelia have made Cox’s Bazar even more attractive.

Cox’s Bazar is a district in the Chittagong Division. Its distance from Chittagong by road is 152 km and from the capital Dhaka 414 km. In addition to the longest unobstructed sandy beach in the world, there are many other tourist attractions around Cox’s Bazar.

You can walk on the sandy beach of Cox’s Bazar as you wish, you can breathe in the fresh air of the sea, you can leave yourself in the lap of open nature. You can also make your time full of fun and excitement by scuba diving, surfing and boating.

If you go 10-12 km south along Cox’s Bazar beach, you will reach Himchhari picnic spot. You will be mesmerized by the waterfalls, the dense Tamarisk forests, the hills and the beauty of the forests. Ramu is a Buddhist pilgrimage site near Cox’s Bazar. There are many temples and pagodas and various signs of Buddhism. The rubber cultivation project here is also spectacular.

Sonadia is an interesting island in the Bay of Bengal near Cox’s Bazar. Its distance from Cox’s Bazar to the north-west is only 7 kilometers. It is a paradise for migratory birds. In winter, guest birds fly from different parts of the world. It takes two hours to get there by trawler or motor boat. Dunes covered with herbs, bushes of Keya and nishinda, many small and large canals and forests make Sonadia Island the a haven of unique natural beauty. You can go there in the morning and come back to Cox’s Bazar in the afternoon.

To the north-west of Cox’s Bazar is another island in the sea: Maheshkhali. Its distance from Cox’s Bazar district town is 15 kilometers. Maheshkhali can be reached from Kasturighat by motor boats, trawlers, launches and speed boats. In the small hills and forests of the island, one can be fascinated by the chirping of birds, the roaming of wildlife and the artwork of the Adinath temple on the top of the hill. If you visit the fishing ground of the island, you can see the abundance of dried fish. Maheshkhali is also famous for sweet betel leaves and betel nut. There are many snails and oysters on the sea shore. Oyster and snail garlands are sold in nearby shops.

Laboni Beach is the main tourist destination of Cox’s Bazar. It is the closest to the city. You can enjoy sunbathing, surfing, jogging, cycling and swimming on this beach. Not only in daytime, you can also enjoy the beauty of the sea from this beach at night, as it is completely safe for tourists. The scene of the sky and the sea changing color twice during sunset and sunrise is very captivating. There are lots of small shops near the beach for tourists, where you can buy a variety of locally made beauty products, clothing, bed sheets, shoes and various items made especially for tourists.

How to go to Cox's Bazar

For those of us who plan to travel from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar, there are buses as well as aviation facilities. Apart from this, one can go to Chittagong by train and then go to Cox’s Bazar by bus. It takes about ten to twelve hours to reach Cox’s Bazar by bus from Dhaka, and 50 minutes by plane. There are two types of AC / Non-AC buses. AC Bus Rentals are Tk. 800 and for non-AC it’s Tk. 1500. Many buses leave daily from Dhaka. Some of the notable ones are: St. Martin Paribahan (01711321143, 01711666109), Green Line Paribahan (01730060004, 01730060071), Sohag Paribahan (02-9311177), Shyamoli Paribahan (02-900331, 02-8034275, 01716-942154), S Alam (01813-329394, 02-9331868), Hanif Enterprise (01713402671, 01713402670), Saudia (01919654935, 01919654858), TR Travels (01911863673, 01910-760004.

Apart from this, several trains including Chittagong Mail, Turna Express, Subarna Express, Mohanogor Godhuli depart from Kamalapur in Dhaka to Chittagong.

The contact numbers for the airlines are: Bangladesh Airlines (02-8901600, 02-8901730-44), Novaire (13603, 02-9871891-2, 01755656660-1), US Bangla (01777777788, 01777777899, 01777777900), Regent Airways ( 02-8953003), United Airways (09606445566, 02-8932338, 02-8931712). Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar-Dhaka return ticket fare is ten to eleven thousand Taka, depending on the class. However, many airlines now offer discounts all year round. In that case the rent is much lower.

Cox's Bazar Hotel Booking

Cox’s Bazar tops the list of travel destinations in Bangladesh. It is often difficult to get a hotel room during the peak season. Book your hotel in advance, especially on holidays, otherwise there is a risk of not getting a seat. So if you are interested in visiting Cox’s Bazar, it would be wise for you to look for Cox’s Bazar hotel facilities before leaving. Here is the phone number and rent information of 20 selected hotels out of the residential hotels in Cox’s Bazar. Hotels may change their room rates over time, but you can get a general idea from the list below.

Motel Probal
Phone: 0341-63211.
Non AC Twin: ৳1400. AC Twin: ৳1900.

Motel Upal
Phone: 0341-64258.
Non AC Twin: ৳1400. AC Twin: ৳2000.

Motel Shaibal
Phone: 0341-63274
Non AC Twin: ৳1600. AC Twin: ৳2800.

Sea Gull Hotel (5 Star)
Phone: 0341-62480-91
Room rentals range from a minimum of ৳3,750 to a maximum of ৳9,870 per night. Regular Hill Side ৳3,750, Regular Sea-Side ৳4,035, Deluxe Hill Side ৳9,592, Deluxe ৳9,870 and Suite Room ৳9,741. Moreover, there are discounts in the off-season. It is the first star hotel in Cox’s Bazar.

Hotel Cox Today (3 Star)
Phone: 01755-598440
Room rent twin 10-12 thousand taka. This hotel provides various offers throughout the year. You can even get a room for 6 thousand taka. It is popular for honeymoon celebrations.

Hotel Sea-Palace (3 Star)
Phone: 0341-63692, 63794, 63826
This hotel is close to the sea. Elite people go here. Hotel Sea-Palace has two different categories of accommodation. For those who want to maintain their nobility, Crown Plaza has a regular room at ৳3,000, a deluxe room at ৳4,000, a super deluxe at ৳4,500 and a suite at ৳5,000. Moreover, the non-AC room at Western Plaza has been priced at ৳1,600 and the AC room at ৳2,000 as economy room. They also have discounts in the off-season. Room bookings can be made by telephone or by contacting them directly.

Hotel Saimon
Phone: 0341-63900
It is a medium quality traditional hotel. Rooms are available here at relatively low prices with good facilities. Deluxe rooms are ৳1500 to ৳3000 taka. In the off season you can stay here for ৳1000 taka.

Hotel Sea Crown
Phone: 0341-64474, 0341-64795

Hotel Kallol
Phone: 0341-64748

Hotel Mishuk
Phone: 0341-64320, 0341-62808

Hotel Auvisar
Phone: 0341-63061

Hotel Prasad Paradise
Phone: 01711-193196

Sea-Park Guest House
Phone: 0341-51078, 0341-51045

Uni Resort
Phone: 0341-63181, 0341-63191

Urmi Guest House
Phone: 0341-63677

Nilay Bay Resort
Phone: 0341-64278

Sea Heaven Guest House
Phone: 0341-63787

Hotel Sea Crown
Phone: 0341-64795, 0341-64474, 01817-089420

Hotel Media International
Phone: 0341-62881-85
Rooms at this hotel range from a minimum of ৳960 to a maximum of ৳3,600.

Hotel Ocean Paradise Ltd.
Phone: 01938-846753.

Where to eat at Cox's Bazar

Each hotel has its own restaurant, where the price of food is relatively high. Most hotels include breakfast for room rentals. If you want to do something outside of lunch and dinner, then there is no problem, because there are enough restaurants. The highest number of restaurants is located on Kalatali Road. Some of those notable are: Jhaubon (the bush of tamarisks), Live Fish, Koila (Coal), Poushi, Stone Forest, Taranga, Kashbon (The Catkins), Pankourhi (cormorant), Niribili, Orchid Club and Restaurant, Mermaid Cafe and Divine Sea Stone Cafe. All types of food are available in the mentioned food places, from rice to various marine fish, meat, condiments, dried fish. It is important to know the price before ordering a meal. There are quite a few restaurants on the beach at Kalatali Beach to enjoy the beauty of the sea and the afternoon sun at meal time.

Air Astra's 2 Nights & 3 Days Package for Traveling to Cox's Bazar

Air Astra has come up with this amazing offer package for the travel enthusiasts. Tourists can enjoy a trip to Cox’s Bazar under this attractive offer of 2 nights and 3 days for just 9,999 taka. But the condition is, at least two people should take this offer package together. This package includes Air Astra’s round trip and hotel accommodation.

Currently 4 hotels in Cox’s Bazar are covered under this package. The hotels are Longbeach, Ocean Paradise, Grace Cox and Best Westin Heritage.

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