Dhaka to Chuadanga Train Schedule

Chuadanga is the historic city where the first railway station of Bangladesh was established in 1862. Chuadanga is connected to the rest of the country by rail and road. If you want to go to Chuadanga by train from the capital Dhaka, you should know about Dhaka to Chuadanga train schedule and ticket price.

In this article, we’re highlighting Dhaka to Chuadanga train schedule and ticket price, according to the latest revision of Bangladesh Railway.

According to Bangladesh Railway, the distance from Dhaka to Chuadanga by rail is 398 km. On the other hand, according to Bangladesh Roads and Highways Department, the road distance between Dhaka and Chuadanga is 267 kilometers.

We think that this information about the distance from Dhaka to Chuadanga is correct. Other than that, the calculations shown by distance calculators available on the internet are not accurate. Because they rely solely on GPS to determine the distance.

It takes about 6 hours by train to reach Chuadanga from Dhaka.

If you want to know the distance from the capital Dhaka to all other district cities of Bangladesh, by rail and road, keep an eye here: Dhaka to All District Distance.

Dhaka to Chuadanga Train Route Map

Dhaka to Chuadanga trains cross 13 substations on the way from Dhaka’s Kamalapur railway station to the destination Chuadanga station. These substations, including departure and arrival stations, are as follows:

Dhaka > Biman Bandar > Jaydebpur > Tangail > BB Setu E > S M Mansur Ali > Jamtail > Ullapara > Boral Bridge > Chatmohar > Ishurdi > Bhairamara > Poradaha > Alamdanga > Chuadanga.

Dhaka to Chuadanga Train Schedule
Dhaka to Chuadanga Train Sundarban Express.

Dhaka to Chuadanga Train Schedule

There are 3 intercity trains available on Dhaka to Chuadanga route. They are: Sundarban Express, Chitra Express and Benapole Express. There are no mail or commuter train for Dhaka to Chuadanga route.

Sundarbans Express leaves Dhaka’s Kamalapur station at 08:15 AM and reaches Chuadanga at 02:45 PM. Chitra Express leaves Dhaka at 07:00 PM and reaches Chuadanga at 12:58 AM. The last train on Dhaka to Chuadanga train list is Benapole Express, which leaves Dhaka at 11:15 PM and reaches its destination at 05:38 AM.

It should be noted that these 3 trains have weekly off day. Sundarbans Express and Benapole Express are off on Wednesday, and Chitra Express is off on Monday.

Below is a quick timetable of Dhaka to Chuadanga train.

Train Name Departure Arrival Off Day
Sundarban Express 08:15 AM 02:45 PM Wed
Chitra Express 07:00 PM 12:58 AM Mon
Benapole Express 11:15 PM 05:38 AM Wed
Dhaka to Chuadanga Train Schedule
Dhaka to Chuadanga Train Schedule 2023

Dhaka to Chuadanga Train Ticket Price

There are maximum 11 categories of seats in Bangladesh trains. Train ticket price depends on the category of seats. However, not all trains have all kinds of seats. Such as ‘commuter’ category seats are only applicable for commuter trains, similarly luxury seats are not available on mail trains.

Please find details of Dhaka to Chuadanga train ticket price in the table below:

Class Price
Shovan ৳ 325
Shovan Chair ৳ 390
First Seat ৳ 520
First Berth ৳ 775
Snigdha ৳ 650
AC Seat ৳ 775
AC Berth ৳ 1165
Dhaka to Chuadanga Train Ticket
Dhaka to Chuadanga train ticket.

Dhaka to Chuadanga Train Tickets Online

Bangladesh Railway has now expanded its services to the Internet. So instead of going to the railway station in person for a Dhaka to Chuadanga train ticket or a ticket to any other destination, you can now buy a train ticket from the comfort of your own home. This service is called railway e-sheba. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy train tickets online: Bangladesh Railway Ticket Booking Online.

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