Dhaka to Jamalpur Train Schedule & Ticket Price

  • Dhaka to Jamalpur distance: 177 km.
  • Trains Available: 7.
  • Travel Takes Time: 4 Hours.
  • Tista Express: leaves 07:30 AM, reaches 11:30 AM.
  • Ticket Price: 190 Taka (Shovan Chair).

If you want to travel from Dhaka to Jamalpur, you need to know about Dhaka to Jamalpur train schedule first. That is what we are presenting here. This article contains all the necessary information about Dhaka to Jamalpur distance, Dhaka to Jamalpur train schedule and ticket prices for both intercity and mail express trains, and a guideline of how to buy train tickets online. Hope this helps.

Dhaka to Jamalpur Train Schedule.

Dhaka to Jamalpur Train rushing through greeneries.

Dhaka to Jamalpur Distance

Jamalpur is a border district town of Bangladesh. It is located on the west bank of the old river Brahmaputra. Important for agricultural products, this district is connected to the whole of Bangladesh by railway. At present Jamalpur can be reached by rail and road from Dhaka. According to Bangladesh Railway, Dhaka to Jamalpur distance is 177 km. And the distance from Dhaka to Jamalpur by road is 200 kilometers.

Dhaka to Jamalpur train list

Bangladesh Railway currently has a total of 7 trains on Dhaka to Jamalpur route. Of these, 4 are intercity trains and the rest 3 are mail trains.

Dhaka to Jamalpur intercity trains are:
Tista Express
Brahmmaputra Express
Jamuna Express.

Dhaka to Jamalpur mail trains are:
Dewanganj Commuter
Jamalpur Commuter
Vawal Express.

Dhaka to Jamalpur Train Schedule


The most suitable train for passengers is the intercity train. They are fast and luxurious. It’ll take about four hours to reach Jamalpur from Dhaka by intercity train. The following table gives the details of Dhaka to Jamalpur train time table.

Train Name Departure Arrival Off Day
Agnibina 11:00 AM 03:05 PM No
Bhrahmaputra Express 06:15 PM 10:45 PM No
Jamuna Express 04:40 PM 10:30 PM No
Tista Express 07:30 AM 11:30 AM Mon

Dhaka to Jamalpur Train Schedule

Mail / Commuter

Mail trains are commonly used to transport heavy goods. However, there is also passenger service. Mail or Commuter trains tend to be some slow, so they take longer to reach their destination than intercity trains. As a result, mail / commuter train ticket prices are also lower. If you are not in a hurry, you can take a low cost mail train from Dhaka to Jamalpur.

Below is the detailed schedule of Dhaka to Jamalpur mail trains.

Train Name Departure Arrival Off Day
Dewanganj Commuter 03:40 PM 10:15 PM No
Jamalpur Commuter 05:40 AM 11:40 AM No
Vawal Express 09:20 PM 05:40 PM No

Administratively, Jamalpur belongs to Mymensingh division. Here is Dhaka to Mymensingh Train Schedule with Ticket Price, if you need. And either you would like to visit Mymensingh or want to know about the sights of Mymensingh, then Porzoton offers you this article: Mymensingh Tourist Places.

Dhaka to Jamalpur Train Schedule and ticket price

Tista Express, an intercity train of Dhaka to Jamalpur route.

Dhaka to Jamalpur Train Ticket Price

Recently, Bangladesh Railway has revised the train ticket price. Yet, train fares are much lower than other public transports. According to the latest update of the Railway Authority, we have detailed the Dhaka to Jamalpur train ticket price in the table below. This table covers everything from the lowest priced seats to the highest class AC cabins.

Seat Class Ticket Price
2nd Class General 50 Taka
2nd Class Mail 65 Taka
Commuter 80 Taka
Sulov 95 Taka
Shovan 160 Taka
Shovan Chair 190 Taka
1st Class Chair 255 Taka
Snigdha 368 Taka
AC Seat 437 Taka
AC Berth 656 Taka

Dhaka to jamalpur train ticket online

Railway services in Bangladesh have now been digitized. As a result, you can now buy Dhaka to Jamalpur train ticket online from the comfort of your own home. Online train ticket is also available for all the other destinations. So, you no longer have to stand in a long queue to buy a train ticket.

Buying train ticket online is a very easy and short process. This is called railway e-sheba. You can confirm your tickets in advance using your smartphone for your desired destination in two minutes. To do so, please follow the guidelines below:

A train of Dhaka to Jamalpur route is running over the haor. porzoton.com

A train of Dhaka to Jamalpur route is running over the haor.

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