Dhaka to Khulna Train Timetable & Ticket Price 2020

Dhaka to Khulna Distance:  537 km.
Train Ticket Price: 420 to 1505 Taka.
Journey Duration: about 9 hours.

Most people prefer trains for long journeys. It is comfortable and hassle-free. If you want to go from Dhaka to Khulna by train, first you need to know the Dhaka to Khulna Train schedule. In addition, if you know the Dhaka to Khulna Train Ticket Price before you leave home, it will be much easier for you to prepare for an excellent trip.

Recently the Dhaka to Khulna Train Timetable has changed along with the train schedule across the country. So, according to the latest information from Bangladesh Railway, we have arranged all your necessary information about Dhaka to Khulna train schedule and ticket price here.

Dhaka to Khulna Train Time Table & Ticket Price
Dhaka to Khulna Train Schedule 2020

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Dhaka to Khulna Train Service

Two intercity trains run on the Dhaka to Khulna train route. These two trains carry most of the people traveling between these two big cities of the country. On the contrary, these two trains also carry those who come to Dhaka from Khulna.

These two busy trains are: Sundarban Express and Chitra Express.

Sundarban Express

Sundarban Express is a luxury intercity train runs between Dhaka and Khulna. This is one of the most popular trains in Bangladesh. If you want to travel at day time, then Sundarban Express is for you. It starts journey from Dhaka at 08:15 in the morning and reaches Khulna at 05:40 in the afternoon. Sundarban Express plies 6 days a week except Wednesdays.

Sundarban Express Train Ticket Price

Train ticket price in Bangladesh depends on the quality of the train seats, not on the quality of trains. The cheapest seat is called Sulov, and the highest is AC Berth. Like other trains of Bangladesh Railway, Sundarban Express also has various classes of seats. We’ve given a detailed list below this article about Sundarbans Express train ticket price.

Chitra Express

Chitra Express is the second intercity express train from Dhaka to Khulna. The train has a total of 12 passenger coaches with 881 seats. The train has all the modern facilities including AC cabin and AC chair compartment. Additional bogies are added to the train on different days, especially on the two Eids.

Chitra Express leaves Dhaka at 7:00 pm and reaches Khulna at 5:10 am. Monday is the off-day for Chitra Express.

Chitra Express Train Ticket Price

As we mentioned above, the price of a train ticket in Bangladesh depends on the quality of seats. Like other trains of Bangladesh Railway, Chitra Express also has different classes of seats. We’ve discussed in detail of Chitra Express train ticket price, like Sundarban Express, below this article.

Dhaka to Khulna train Schedule 2020

Train Name Departure Arrival Off Day
726 - Sundarban Express 08:15 AM 05:40 PM Wednesday
764 - Chitra Express 07:00 PM 05:10 AM Monday

Dhaka to Khulna Train Ticket Price

Following Dhaka to Khulna train timetable, now to know about the train ticket prices on this route. Therefore, as per the notification of Bangladesh Railway, we’ve listed here Dhaka-Khulna train ticket price for the above two intercity trains Sundarban Express and Chitra Express. Sundarban Express and Chitra Express have different quality seats. When buying tickets, you can book any quality seat of your choice. Follow the table below to learn in detail about Dhaka to Khulna Train Ticket Price.

Dhaka to Khulna Train Ticket Price 2020

Seat Class Ticket Price
Shovon 420 Taka
Shovon Chair 505 Taka
1st Class Chair 670 Taka
Snigdha 840 Taka
1st Berth 1005 Taka
AC Seat 1005 Taka
AC Berth 1505 Taka

Bangladesh Railway online train ticket

Tickets are essential for train travel. In the past the only way to buy a train ticket was to physically show up at the station. But nowadays you don’t have to suffer this anymore. The process of buying train tickets has been digitized. So you can buy Dhaka to Khulna train ticket online. Bangladesh Railway train ticket can be easily confirmed through computer or mobile phone.

How to buy Bangladesh Railway online train tickets? It’s a simple task. We’ve explained the process step by step. So check out this article: Bangladesh Railway Online Train Ticket.

Dhaka to Khulna Train in Video

You may like the video. A train—Sundarban Express, scheduled for Dhaka to Khulna—is running fast towards its destination.

Wishes! 🌺

This was all about Dhaka to Khulna train timetable and ticket price of 2020. You can also take a look at Khulna to Dhaka train schedule, if you would like to know the information about your return route. Feel free to contact us if you’ve any further question about this. Thank you so much for spending some time with us.

Have a nice journey!

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