Dhaka to Kolkata Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2021

From Dhaka to Kolkata you can now travel by a train. The rail link between the two neighboring countries, Bangladesh and India, resumed after a gap of 52 years. The train running on this route is Maitree Express. This article is about Dhaka to Kolkata train schedule.

So, If you want to travel by train from Dhaka to Kolkata, it will be useful for you to know the train schedule, ticket price and other travel rules of Maitree Express before you start. That is why we’re highlighting here Dhaka to Kolkata train schedule, ticket price and other information required to make your international tour.

Dhaka to Kolkata train Maitree Express.
Dhaka to Kolkata train Maitree Express rushes over Chalan Beel.

The International Maitree Express train runs from Dhaka to Kolkata 4 days a week: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It leaves Dhaka Cantonment Station at 08:15 am and reaches Kolkata Chitpur Station at 04:00 pm. Similarly, Maitree Express comes to Dhaka from Kolkata 4 days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. The train leaves Chitpur station in Kolkata at 07:10 am and arrives at Dhaka Cantonment station at 4:05 pm.

Dhaka to Kolkata Train Ticket Price

AC Cabin: Ticket price per seat for AC cabin of Dhaka to Kolkata train is 2,935 Taka. With this, 500 taka travel tax will be added. So, your total cost as train fare will be 3,435 taka.

AC Chair: Dhaka to Kolkata train ticket price for AC chair is 1,955 taka, travel tax is 500 taka, total fare is 2,455 taka.

On the other hand, the ticket price for AC cabin of Kolkata to Dhaka train is Rs 2,015 per seat and AC chair fare is Rs 1,345.

50% discount will be applicable for children if they are between 1-5 years of age. In this case age will be determined according to the passport. Tickets are available for 3 seats for single cabin and 6 seats for double cabin.

Dhaka to Kolkata train Ticket Price
Dhaka to Kolkata train Ticket Price.

How to Buy Dhaka to Kolkata Train Ticket

You’ve to buy a Dhaka to Kolkata train ticket at Kamalapur railway station or Chittagong railway station. Apart from this, tickets for Dhaka-Kolkata Maitree train are not sold anywhere else. Tickets are issued daily from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm. Advance tickets can be collected 29 days before departure.

To purchase a ticket, you need to take a form from the counter showing your original passport (not a photocopy). At this time, you’ll be given a serial number written in the form. Then you fill out that form and wait. You’ll be called according to the serial to take your Dhaka to Kolkata train ticket. The counter will give you a ticket even if you don’t have a visa. But a visa is required for the return ticket.

How to buy Kolkata to Dhaka Train Ticket

You can also buy Kolkata to Dhaka train ticket from Kamalapur railway station. 20% of the total tickets are given from Dhaka. The remaining 80% of the tickets are given from the Kolkata counter. You’ve to buy a Kolkata to Dhaka train ticket at the Fairlie Place Railway Building in Dalhousie or at the Kolkata Terminal Station in Chitpur. Kolkata-Dhaka train tickets are not sold anywhere else. Tickets are offered at Fairlie Place from 10:00 am to 05:00 pm. On the other hand, tickets are given at Kolkata station from the 2nd floor of the station, from 04:00 pm to 09:00 pm.

Dhaka to Kolkata train Schedule
Dhaka to Kolkata train Schedule by Bangladesh Railway.

Maitree Express Train Ticket Refund Policy

If you’ve to cancel your journey for any reason after purchasing a Dhaka to Kolkata Maitree Express train ticket, you can go to the counter and return your ticket. In case of return 120 hours before departure, service charge will be 25 taka, for less than 120 hours and more than 96 hours service charge 50% deductible per ticket. For less than 96 hours and more than 72 hours, 75% taka of the ticket price is deductible for service charge. No refund is available for less than the specified period.

Immigration Process on Dhaka to Kolkata Train

At the beginning of the journey from Dhaka to Kolkata by train, you should arrive at Dhaka Cantonment Station and collect the immigration form and fill it out. The disembarkation card or landing permit of the Indian Immigration will be distributed after that, on the train before you reach Kolkata station. Fill in the form as usual. In place of the form address and phone number, put your hotel address and phone number. However, those who wish to be a guest at a relative’s home should give their relative’s full name, address and phone number.

Stand in the immigration line immediately after the train stops at your destination station. Then a declaration form will be given by Indian Customs. You will fill out the form. Once immigration is complete, your luggage will be picked up and checked on a scanning machine. Then before leaving, you must submit the form you filled out. Employees also need to keep NOC with them.

On the day you return from Kolkata to Dhaka, you will arrive at Kolkata Chitpur station by 05:00 am. Your first task at Kolkata station will be to fill in the declaration form properly and stand in the immigration line. Immigration will distribute the embarkation cards among the passengers on arrival at Dhaka Cantonment Station. The station will have separate lines for cabin passengers and chair coach passengers to complete customs formalities.

Carrying Goods on Dhaka-Kolkata Train Travel

An adult can carry up to 35 kg of goods in two luggage free of charge. If you’ve a child, you can take up to 20 kg for free. In case of goods weighing more than 35 kg, charges will be levied at $2 per kg from 35 kg to 50 kg. However, if the goods are more than 50 kg, you will have to pay $10 for per kg.

Food Facilities on Dhaka to Kolkata Train

The train run between Dhaka and Kolkata is accompanied by a food cart. This cart contains light food and drink for passengers. Foods are provided to passengers at a fixed price. The food menu and price list are displayed in the food cart.


If a train from Dhaka to Kolkata stops at a non-scheduled place on the way for any reason, getting on or off the train at that time is a punishable offense. If anyone tries to do so, he may be arrested by the railway police.

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9 thoughts on “Dhaka to Kolkata Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2023”

  1. Single cabin price koto???ar single cabine ki 2 jon jawa jabe??cabiner vetor janala khula jabe ki na,???

    1. The fare for each AC seat on Dhaka-Kolkata Maitri Express train is 3435 Taka (for adults). There are 3 seats in a single cabin and 6 seats in a double cabin. If you want to rent the whole cabin, the rent will be 3 times or 6 times depending on the number of seats. Yes, you can open the cabin window.

  2. We are from Nepal . Can we travel by this train? How can we get ticket ? Which document will be needed ? What will the procedure in India side and in Bangladesh side?

    1. Dear Robin, The Maitri Express is an international train. So, people from any country can travel on this train. However, there is no opportunity to book tickets for this train online. If you want to start from Dhaka, you have to show up at Dhaka’s Kamalapur Railway Station or Chittagong Railway Station to buy a train ticket. In this case, you have to show your passport and visa to the railway authorities. Nothing more than what is said in this post about travel procedures. May your journey be joyful!

      1. Md Nazim Hossain

        I would like to buy two ticket dhaka to kolkata i need to bring orginal passport with me

        1. To buy Dhaka to Kolkata train ticket you need to go to Kamalapur railway station between 10 am to 5 pm. Thanks.

  3. I am planning to go to Kalkata on 29th june, can i buy the ticket on 28th june? And can i buy the round trip ticket from the kamlapur station? Please do let me know. Thank you

    1. Yes, as per the rules, you can book tickets the day before departure. However, the station is expected to be crowded on the occasion of Eid. Do not forget to keep your passport and visa with you. Hope you get the ticket.

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