Dhaka to Rangpur Train Schedule with Ticket Price

Rangpur is one of the oldest cities in Bangladesh, the farthest from the capital. So, the best way to go from Dhaka to Rangpur is by train. As traveling by train is safer and less expensive. If you want to travel from Dhaka to Rangpur by a train, you need to know about Dhaka to Rangpur train schedule and ticket price first. That is what has been discussed here.

Dhaka to Rangpur train schedule 2023
Rangpur Express, the only train from Dhaka to Rangpur.

Recently some changes have been made in the train schedule of Bangladesh Railway. Therefore, we’ve carefully arranged all the information required for your train journey from Dhaka to Rangpur as per the latest revised schedule of Bangladesh Railway.

An intercity train is available from Dhaka to Rangpur route. It’s Rangpur Express.

A good passenger service is provided on intercity trains. This includes food canteens, clean toilets, prayer arrangements and even primary health care.

Rangpur Express intercity train runs from Dhaka to Rangpur and from Rangpur to Dhaka. It leaves Dhaka at 09:10 am and reaches Rangpur station at 07:05 pm. That means a long trip of about 10 hours. Therefore, passengers go out on such a trip with good preparation. Anyway, the weekly off day of Rangpur Express is Monday. It is important to remember this information.

Dhaka to Rangpur Train Schedule 2021


Train Name Departure Arrival Off Day
771 - Rangpur Express 09:10 AM 07:05 PM Monday
Dhaka to Rangpur Train Schedule with Ticket Price 2021
Dhaka to Rangpur Train Schedule 2021.

Dhaka to Rangpur Train Ticket Price

Train ticket prices depend on the class of train seats. Each train has cheap, medium and luxurious seats. If you travel in a standard seat, you can reach your destination at a much lower cost than other transports. In the table below, we are giving details about Dhaka to Rangpur train ticket price as per the latest price chart by Bangladesh Railway, you can choose any quality of seat as you like.

Dhaka to Rangpur Train Ticket Price 2021

Shovan 420 Taka
Shovan Chair 505 Taka
1st Class Chair 675 Taka
Snigdha 840 Taka
1st Berth 1010 Taka
AC Seat 1010 Taka
AC Berth 1510 Taka

Dhaka to Rangpur Train Ticket Online

It is often not possible for passengers to physically arrive at the railway station and purchase train tickets in time. However, for train travelers in Bangladesh, the facility of buying train tickets online from home has been introduced. But many do not know, how to buy Bangladesh railway online train ticket. In fact, the process is quite simple, and the work can be done in two minutes. But how? Read the article by clicking on the link below for details. Here we’ve discussed the whole process of buying train tickets online step by step: Bangladesh Railway Ticket Booking Online.

Rangpur Express in Video

You may like the video. Rangpur Express is running near Chalanbil, what a fast pace!

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Here is all the information we had about Dhaka to Rangpur train schedule and ticket price. If you want information about your return route, you can also check Rangpur to Dhaka train schedule with ticket price. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about this article. You can also leave your opinion in the comment box below. Thank you so much for spending some time with us.

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