Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule and Ticket Price 2020

Sylhet is called the land of two leaves and a bud. Every day thousands of people come to Sylhet from different parts of the country for business, travel or many other purposes. A large part of them like to come by train. So they need information about Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule and Ticket Price 2020.

The city, which bears the memory of Hazrat Shah Jalal (RA) and his 360 sufi companions, is said to be the spiritual capital of Bangladesh. But If we just talk about travel, then Sylhet is a very popular area for tourists. It is incomparable for its natural attractions like hills, tea gardens, haors, fountains and white rocks.

This article contains detailed information about timetable and ticket prices for Dhaka to Sylhet trains, as well as some beautiful pictures.

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule and Ticket Price 2020
Sylhet Railway Station. Image: Porzoton.

A journey by train is more comfortable and hassle-free than by a car. That is why Bangladeshi people love to travel by train. If you want to go from Dhaka to Sylhet by a train, first you need to know Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule today.

Recently, on February 9, the Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule 2020 has changed along with the rest of the country. So, according to the latest updates by Bangladesh Railway, we’ve arranged here all your necessary information about train schedule from Dhaka to Sylhet and ticket price.

If you like to make a trip to Sylhet for sightseeing, visiting Shahjalal Mazar, Jaflong, Ratargul swamp forest, Bholaganj Shada Pathor or any other destination, or merely for business purpose, the good news for you is that the Dhaka-Sylhet rail link is better than ever before. So, you can choose the railway for your trip with no hesitation. At present 4 intercity and 1 mail trains run on Dhaka-Sylhet route. They are Parabat Express, Jayantika Express, Upaban Express, Kalni Express and the mail train is called the Surma Mail.

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule 2020
Parabat Express runs through tea garden on Dhaka to Sylhet route.

It should be noted that, not every train runs every day. Rather, some have weekly holidays. Therefore, it’s wise to learn Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule before you leave your home. As a result, there will be no risk of missing the trip, as well as your time will be saved. So, we’ve prepared these schedules as per the latest updates from Bangladesh Railway. That is why you may consider this schedule for Sylhet to Dhaka train is accurate and reliable.

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Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule (Intercity)

The distance from Dhaka to Sylhet is about 319 km. There are 4 intercity trains, as we mentioned above, run from Dhaka to Sylhet. These are: Parabat Express (709), Jayantika Express (717), Upaban Express (739) and Kalani Express (773). The following table shows the departure time of each of the trains from Dhaka station and arrival at Sylhet station:

Dhaka to Sylhet Train list and departure time

Train Name Departure Arrival Off Day
709 - Parabat Express 06:20 AM 01:00 PM Tuesday
717 - Jayantika Express 11:15 AM 07:00 PM No
739 - Upaban Express 08:30 AM 05:00 PM Wednesday
773 - Kalani Express 03:00 PM 09:30 PM Friday
Dhaka to Syhet train schedule and ticket price 2020
A striking picture of a train runs on Dhaka to Sylhet route.

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule (Mail Express)

There is only one mail express train named Surma Express (09) runs from Dhaka to Sylhet route. Below is the departure time of the train from Dhaka station and its arrival time at Sylhet station:

Dhaka to Sylhet Mail Train Schedule

Train Name Departure Arrival Off Day
09 - Surma Express 10:50 PM 12:10 PM No
Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedul 2020
Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedul, 2020.

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Ticket Price

Here we’re highlighting Dhaka to Sylhet train ticket price for the four mentioned intercity trains Parabat Express, Jayantika Express, Upaban Express, Kalani Express and a mail train Surma Express as per the latest Bangladesh Railway Train Price chart. You certainly know that trains in Bangladesh have different quality of seats. You can choose any quality seat according to your budget and choice while buying tickets. Follow the table below to know Dhaka to Sylhet train ticket price for all classes.

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Ticket Price details

Seat Class Ticket Price
2nd Class General 80 Taka
2nd Class Mail 110 Taka
Commuter 135 Taka
Sulov 160 Taka
Shovan 265 Taka
Shovan Chair 320 Taka
1st Class Chair 425 Taka
Snigdha 610 Taka
1st Berth 640 Taka
AC Seat 736 Taka
AC Berth 1099 Taka

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Ticket Online

As a traveler, it is definitely a relief for you that from now on you can buy train tickets for Dhaka to Sylhet or any other destination online from the comfort of your own home. As before, you no longer have to go to train stations and stand in line. Actually buying a train ticket online is a simple matter, it takes nothing more than using your laptop or smartphone and a few minutes of time.

You can buy a maximum of 4 tickets online at a time through Bangladesh Railway’s esheba service, and you have to choose your seats from the 5 available qualities.

To buy a train ticket online from Bangladesh Railway, first enter the esheba website. Provide your name, mobile number and email address here, sign up and then sign in. After signing in, you will see a form with six cells. In this form, select from the dropdown menu when and from where to where you want to go, how many seats you want of which quality, whether you have any child with you, then click the Find button. Then esheba website will display the names of trains available on your preferred date along with ticket prices.

If you did all of this right, click on the purchase ticket button and pay for your ticket by credit card or bKash or any other means of payment. Your desired train tickets will be delivered to your e-mail immediately. Now print this e-ticket from your email inbox and submit it along with a photocopy of your National Identity Card to the concerned station 15 minutes before the scheduled time of your trip. The station master will then hand you your original train ticket.

Here we’ve briefly stated the process of how to buy train ticket online. If you don’t understand something clearly or are looking for a guideline on online train tickets that explains the whole process step-by-step, please take a look at this article:

Bangladesh Railway Online Train Ticket.

Dhaka to Sylhet Train's Video

And finally, watch this wonderful video where Parabat Express train running from Dhaka to Sylhet through a green tea garden.

☕ Welcome to the tea-land! 🌺

This was all the necessary information about Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule and ticket prices. If you need to know about your return trip, please have a look at Sylhet to Dhaka Train Schedule. Feel free to contact us if you have any further question about this.

Have a nice journey!

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