Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2023

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Are you thinking of going from Dhaka to Sylhet by train, and looking for Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule and ticket price?

Every day thousands of people from different parts of the country visit Sylhet, the land of tea. A large part of them prefer to travel by train. It is important for every train traveler to choose the right train at the right time. So they search for the updated schedule of Dhaka to Sylhet train.

How far is Sylhet from Dhaka by train, which trains run on this route, how many stops are there on the route map of Dhaka to Sylhet train, when these trains leave and arrive, how expensive is train tickets from Dhaka to Sylhet — everything is here. Hope you find this article useful.

This may be a bit longer. If you’re in a hurry and want lookup Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule and ticket price directly in a jiffy, click on relevant title links shown in the table of contents below.

Bangladesh Railway shows that the distance from Dhaka to Sylhet by rail is 319 kilometers. But the distance from Dhaka to Sylhet by road is 243 kilometers, according to Bangladesh National Portal.

It takes an average of 7 hours to travel from Dhaka to Sylhet by an intercity train. And by buses of Ena Paribahan, Shyamoli Paribahan or Hanif Enterprise, it takes an average of 6 and a half hours to reach Sylhet.

Here is the distance by road and rail from the capital Dhaka to other districts of the country: Dhaka to All District Distance.

And if you would like to travel from Dhaka to Sylhet by bus instead of train, the article linked below will provide you a list of Dhaka to Sylhet bus, AC & non-AC bus fare and mobile numbers of bus counters:

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2023
Sylhet Railway Station, a lovely seen.

Dhaka to Sylhet Train List

At present 4 intercity trains and 1 mail train run on Dhaka to Sylhet route. They are:

1. Parabat Express: 

Parabat Express (Train No. 709/710) is a high speed and luxurious intercity train of Bangladesh Railway, runs between Dhaka and Sylhet. For Sylhet, it starts from Kamalapur railway station in Dhaka. This train service was launched in 1986.

Parabat Express is a preferred train on Bangladesh Railway Network and a very popular train on Dhaka to Sylhet route. An important feature of Parabat is that it takes less pauses than other intercity trains, so the passengers of Parabat Express enjoy their train journey without any hassle.

Timetable: Parabat Express leaves Dhaka’s Kamalapur Railway Station at 06:20 AM and reaches Sylhet at 01:00 PM. Tuesday is its weekly holiday.

Stoppages: To reach Sylhet station from Dhaka Kamalapur station, Parabat Express takes a few minutes stop at the following 10 stations: Dhaka Airport railway station, Bhairab Bazar Junction, Brahmanbaria, Azampur Nowapara (Habiganj District), Shaistaganj Junction, Srimangal, Bhanugach, Kulaura Junction and Maijgaon.

2. Jayantika Express:

Jayantika Express (Train No. 717/718) is an intercity train operated by Bangladesh Railway from Dhaka Kamalapur Station to Sylhet Railway Station. It is one of the fastest and most luxurious trains in Bangladesh. During the rule of President Hussain Muhammad Ershad, the first intercity train started its journey in Bangladesh. Jayantika is one of the first intercity openings. Jayantika Express was inaugurated on 13th May 1986.

Timetable: The timetable of Jayantika Express is that it starts its daily journey from Dhaka at 11:15 AM and reaches Sylhet at 07:00 PM. Jayantika Express from Dhaka to Sylhet does not have any off day, but it does not run in the opposite direction on Thursday.

Stoppages: Jayantika Express on the Dhaka to Sylhet route has the following 14 stops: Dhaka Airport Railway Station, Ashuganj, Brahmanbaria, Azampur, Mukundapur, Harashpur, Mantala, Noapara (Habiganj), Shahji Bazar, Shayestaganj Junction, Srimangal, Vanugach, Kulaura Junction and Maijgaon.

3. Upaban Express:

Upaban Express (Train No. 739/740) is an intercity train runs from Dhaka to Sylhet under Bangladesh Railway. Upaban Express was inaugurated on 4th May, 1988.

Timetable: Upaban Express starts from Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station at 08:30 PM and reaches Sylhet at 05:00 AM. Upaban Express’s weekly holiday is Wednesday.

Stoppages: Upaban Express train stops at the following 10 stations: Dhaka Airport Railway Station, Narsingdi (for 739 only), Bhairab Bazar Junction, Shayestaganj, Srimangal, Bhanugach, Shamser Nagar, Kulaura Junction, Baramchal and Maijgaon.

4. Kalni Express:

Kalni Express (Train No. 773/774) is the 4th intercity train running on Dhaka to Sylhet route. It was inaugurated on 15 May 2012. Kalni Express train started its journey with 12 bogies, one of which was air-conditioned.

Timetable: Kalni Express leaves Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station at 03:00 PM and reaches Sylhet at 09:30 PM. Friday is its off day.

Stoppages: On its journey from Dhaka to Sylhet, Kalni Express stops at 9 stations. The stoppages are: Dhaka Airport Railway Station, Narsingdi (for 774 only), Bhairab Bazar Junction (for 774 only), Azampur, Shayestaganj Junction, Srimangal, Shamsernagar, Kulaura Junction and Maizgaon.

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2023
Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2023
5. Surma Mail:

Surma Mail (Train No. 09/10) is a mail train operated by Bangladesh Railway. The train connects Gazipur district, Narsingdi district, Kishoreganj district, Brahmanbaria district, Habiganj district and Moulvibazar district on its journey from Dhaka to Sylhet.

Timetable: Surma Mail Departs Dhaka Kamalapur Railway station at 10:50 PM and reaches Sylhet in next day at 12:10 PM. It runs 7 days a week, no off day.

Stoppages: Surma Mail Express train runs on Kamalapur> Tongi> Narsingdi> Bhairab> Akhaura> Kulaura> Sylhet Meter Gauge Railways and stops at almost all stations on the route. The total stops of Surma Mail train are 58, which are as follows:
Kamalapur railway station, Tejgaon railway station, Banani railway station, Dhaka Cantonment Railway Station, Airport railway station, Tongi Junction Railway Station, Pubail Railway Station, Nalchhata railway station, Arikhola railway station, Ghorashal Flag Railway Station, Ghorashal Railway Station, Jinardi railway station, Narsingdi railway station, Amirganj railway station, Khanabari railway station, Hatubhanga railway station, Methikanda railway station, Srinidhi Railway Station, Daulatkandi railway station, Bhairab Bazar Junction Railway Station, Ashuganj railway station, Talshahar railway station, Brahmanbaria Railway Station, Paghachang railway station, Bhatshala railway station, Akhaura Junction Railway Station, Azampur railway station, Singerbill Railway Station, Merasani railway station, Mukundapur railway station, Harashpur railway station, Kashimanagar railway station, Montala Railway Station, Shahpur Railway Station, Teliapara railway station, Itakhola railway station, Noapara railway station, Chhatian Railway Station, Shahjibazar railway station, Sutang Railway Station, Shayestaganj Junction Railway Station, Laskarpur railway station, Satiajuri railway station, Rashidpur Railway Station, Satgaon Railway Station, Srimangal Railway Station, Vanugach railway station, Shamser Nagar railway station, Manu railway station, Tilagaon railway station, Langla railway station, Kulaura Junction Railway Station, Chakapan Railway Station, Baramchal railway station, Bhatora Bazar Railway Station, Maizgaon railway station, Fenchuganj railway station, Moglabazar railway station, Sylhet Railway Station.

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule 2020
Parabat Express runs through tea garden on Dhaka to Sylhet route.

It should be noted that, not all trains run everyday. Rather, some have weekly holiday. Therefore, it’s wise to keep an eye at Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule before you leave home. So that there would be no risk of missing or delaying a trip.

We’ve prepared this schedule as per the latest updates from Bangladesh Railway. That is why you may consider this schedule for Dhaka to Sylhet train accurate and reliable.

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Route Map

Dhaka to Sylhet railway is one of the longest route in Bangladesh. This 319 km long route has many railway stations and stoppages in midway, big and small. If you want to know in detail about each stop and turn of Dhaka to Sylhet train route map, you can download and view the following PDF file which contains the full Dhaka to Sylhet train station list:

But if we state shortly, there are a total of 16 notable train stops from your initial station of Dhaka Kamalapur Station up to the destination station of Sylhet. They are as follows: 

Dhaka Kamlapur station > Dhaka Airport station > Ashuganj > Brahmanbaria > Azampur > Mukundapur > Harshapur > Mantala > Nayapara > Shahaji Bazar > Shaestaganj > Srimangal > Bhanugachh > Kulaura > Maijgaon > Sylhet.

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Travel Time

To cover this 319 km distance from Dhaka to Sylhet by intercity trains, Parabat Express will take 06 hours 40 minutes, Jayantika Express 07 hours 45 minutes, Upaban Express 08 hours 30 minutes and Kalni Express train will take 06 hours 30 minutes to reach the destination.

Dhaka to Sylhet mail train Surma Express run slower, halts on every sub-station and take longer breaks than intercity trains. So, it will take you 13 hours to go from Dhaka to Sylhet by the mail train Surma Express.

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule

Intercity Train

Intercity trains are the fastest trains operated by Bangladesh Railway. The following Dhaka to Sylhet train time list shows the departure and arrival time of intercity trains Parabat Express (709), Jayantika Express (717), Upaban Express (739) and Kalni Express (773).

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Timetable 2023

Train Name Departure Arrival Off Day
709 - Parabat Express 06:20 AM 01:00 PM Tuesday
717 - Jayantika Express 11:15 AM 07:00 PM No
739 - Upaban Express 08:30 PM 05:00 AM Wednesday
773 - Kalni Express 03:00 PM 09:30 PM Friday
Dhaka to Syhet train schedule and ticket price 2021
A striking picture of a train runs on Dhaka to Sylhet route.
Mail Train

There is only one mail express train named Surma Express (09) runs from Dhaka to Sylhet route. Below is the departure time of the train from Dhaka station and its arrival time at Sylhet station:

Train Name Departure Arrival Off Day
09 - Surma Express 10:50 PM 12:10 PM No

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Ticket Price

Here we’re highlighting Dhaka to Sylhet train ticket price for the four mentioned intercity trains Parabat Express, Jayantika Express, Upaban Express, Kalni Express and a mail train Surma Express as per the latest Bangladesh Railway Train Price chart. You certainly know that trains in Bangladesh have different quality of seats. You can choose any quality seat according to your budget and choice while buying tickets. Follow the table below to know Dhaka to Sylhet train ticket price for all classes.

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Ticket Price 2023

Seat Class Ticket Price
2nd Class General 80 Taka
2nd Class Mail 110 Taka
Commuter 135 Taka
Sulov 160 Taka
Shovan 265 Taka
Shovan Chair 320 Taka
1st Class Chair 425 Taka
Snigdha 610 Taka
1st Berth 640 Taka
AC Seat 736 Taka
AC Berth 1099 Taka
Dhaka to Sylhet Train Ticket Price.
A ticket for Dhaka to Sylhet Train Jayantika Express.

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Ticket Online

As a traveler, it is definitely a relief for you that from now on you can buy train tickets for Dhaka to Sylhet or any other destination online from the comfort of your own home. As before, you no longer have to go to train stations and stand in line. Actually buying a train ticket online is a simple matter, it takes nothing more than using your laptop or smartphone and a few minutes of time.

You can buy a maximum of 4 tickets online at a time through Bangladesh Railway’s esheba service, and you have to choose your seats from the 5 available qualities.

To buy a train ticket online from Bangladesh Railway, first enter the esheba website. Provide your name, mobile number and email address here, sign up and then sign in. After signing in, you will see a form with six cells. In this form, select from the dropdown menu when and from where to where you want to go, how many seats you want of which quality, whether you have any child with you, then click the Find button. Then esheba website will display the names of trains available on your preferred date along with ticket prices.

If you did all of this right, click on the purchase ticket button and pay for your ticket by credit card or bKash or any other means of payment. Your desired train tickets will be delivered to your e-mail immediately. Now print this e-ticket from your email inbox and submit it along with a photocopy of your National Identity Card to the concerned station 15 minutes before the scheduled time of your trip. The station master will then hand you your original train ticket.

Here we’ve briefly stated the process of how to buy train ticket online. If you don’t understand something clearly or are looking for a guideline on online train tickets that explains the whole process step-by-step, please take a look at this article: Bangladesh Railway Online Ticket.

Welcome to the tea-land!

This was all the necessary information about Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule and ticket prices. If you need to know about your return trip, please have a look at Sylhet to Dhaka Train Schedule. Feel free to contact us if you have any further question about this.

Sylhet is a land of natural beauty. So, here is a list of popular tourist destinations that you can enjoy while visiting Sylhet. When you click on one of them, an illustrated guide to travel to that place will open in front of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll get 4 intercity and 1 mail train from Dhaka to Sylhet. The intercity train Parabat Express leaves Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station for Sylhet at 06:20 AM every day of the week except Tuesday. Jayantika Express leaves at 11:15 AM every day. The Upban Express leaves at 08:30 PM, except Wednesday. Kalni Express departs at 03:00 PM every day except Friday. And Surma Mail leaves every day at 10:50 PM.

The distance from the capital Dhaka to Sylhet is 248 km by road and 319 km by rail, according to the Railway Department and Roads and Highways Department of the Government of Bangladesh, respectively.

To cover this 319 km distance from Dhaka to Sylhet by intercity trains, Parabat Express will take 06 hours 40 minutes, Jayantika Express 07 hours 45 minutes, Upaban Express 08 hours 30 minutes and Kalni Express train will take 06 hours 30 minutes to reach the destination.

There are 3 ways to book train tickets online in Bangladesh: ‘E-Ticketing Service’ or ‘Esheba’ website, ‘Rail Seba’ mobile app and SMS.

To purchase train tickets by browsing the website of Bangladesh Railway,
1. First enter the website esheba.cnsbd.com,
2. Click on the ‘Login’ button and sign in with your ID (email or phone) and password. If you don’t have an account, first register by pressing the ‘Register’ button. Then select from the dropdown list that when and from where to where you would like to go, how many tickets of which classes you need and whether you’ve any child with you.
3. Then click on the Find button. It will show the available trains of your desired date along with ticket prices. Now, click on the Purchase Ticket button.
4. Pay your ticket price to Bangladesh Railway with your transaction card (credit / bKash). A digital copy of your online train ticket will be sent to your email as soon as the ticket price is paid.
5. From your email inbox, print out the e-Ticket you just got. Submit this along with photocopy of your identity card, at the concerned station, 15 minutes before your departure. Then, the station master will give you the original paper copy of your train ticket. Find here the detailed processes of BD Railway Ticket Booking Online.

Ticket price for Dhaka to Sylhet train depends on the quality of the seat.
Shovan class ticket price is 265 Taka, Shovan Chair 320 Taka, 1st Class Chair 425 Taka, Snigdha 610 Taka, 1st Berth 640 Taka, AC Seat 736 Taka and AC Berth class ticket price is 1099 Taka. The price of the last four seats includes VAT.

If for any reason you want to cancel a train ticket purchased online or offline, there is a chance and you’ll get full refund as per the refund policy of Bangladesh Railway. In that case, 48 hours before the scheduled time of your departure, you’ve to go to the concerned railway station with your purchased original train ticket or a printed copy of your online ticket, along with your national identity card or its attested photocopy.

Go to the message option of your mobile phone and type “TR”, give a space, then enter your desired train number and send the message to 16318.

For example, you want to know the location of Parabat Express train leaving from Dhaka, whose number is 709. Then type TR 709 in your message, and send it to 16318. In the return SMS, you will be immediately informed where your desired train is at the moment.

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    1. Dear MD LOKMAN, As you can see in our chart, there are a total of 11 quality seats on Dhaka to Sylhet train, officially. However, Bangladesh Railway is currently undergoing major changes. If you go online to buy train tickets, the cheapest seat you will get is “Shovan”. “2nd class” and “Sulov” are omitted.

      However, to find out if a 2nd class train ticket is available offline, you need to go directly to the station, or call the concerned official. You can get the official phone number of Bangladesh Railways here: http://railway.gov.bd/site/page/1fe1a390-580d-47c0-a129-65ff45afd84e

    1. The ticket price of AC Berth class on Dhaka to Sylhet train is 955 taka. With this, 144 taka VAT will be added. So, your total fare will be 1099 taka. Thanks.

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    1. The Sulav was the cheapest train seat in Bangladesh, but it is not available on most trains today. So, Shovan is currently the most affordable seat. This is a non-AC chair seat. All mail trains and some intercity trains in the country have Shovan seats. It’s a fairly quality seat, though not very comfortable. It has seating, you don’t have to travel standing up.

      And the Shovan Chair is a non-AC second-class chair seat. Generally, all intercity trains have Shovan Chair seats. Shovan Chair seat rent is higher than Shovan. This seat is comparatively more comfortable than the Shovan seat.

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