Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2021

Dhaka to Tangail train journey is a very convenient and comfortable journey. Most of the passengers travel by train from the capital city of Bangladesh to this important city in the north-west. Because this route has the largest number of trains in the country.

If you want to travel from Dhaka to Tangail by a train, you should know about Dhaka to Tangail train schedule and ticket price. That is what we are providing here updated information for Dhaka to Tangail train, according to Bangladesh Railway.

The distance from Dhaka to Tangail by rail is 97 km, according to Bangladesh Railway. And the Roads and Highways Department says that the distance from Dhaka to Tangail by road is a bit longer than the railway, which is 98 kilometers.

This is the correct calculation of the distance from Dhaka to Tangail. The information found by searching on the internet about distance is not accurate as it depends on GPS.

Dhaka to All District Distance

If you want to know the distance of all other district cities of Bangladesh by road and rail from the capital Dhaka:

Dhaka to Tangail Train List

At present, 10 intercity trains and 1 mail train run from Dhaka to Tangail. Let’s first have a look at them:

The trains that run on the Tangail to Dhaka route also run on the opposite route Dhaka to Tangail. So, if you want to read the details of these eleven trains, check the ‘Tangail to Dhaka train schedule‘. We are not putting it here to avoid repetition.

Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule 2021 & Ticket Price.
Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2021.

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Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule 2021

Train Name Departure Arrival Off
Ekota Express 10:15 AM 12:05 PM No
Sundarban Express 08:15 AM 10:35 AM Wed
Lalmoni Express 09:45 PM 11:40 PM Fri
Silkcity Express 02:45 PM 04:55 PM Sun
Drutajan Express 08:00 PM 10:00 PM No
Padma Express 11:00 PM 01:00 AM Tue
Chitra Express 07:00 PM 09:00 PM Mon
Nilsagar Express 06:40 AM 08:50 AM Mon
Sirajganj Express 05:00 PM 07:05 PM Sat
Tangail Commuter 05:20 PM 08:30 PM No

Dhaka to Tangail Train Ticket Price 2021

Seat Class Ticket Price
Shovan 90 Taka
Shovan Chair 105 Taka
1st Class Chair 175 Taka
Snigdha 210 Taka
1st Berth 140 Taka
AC Seat 210 Taka
AC Berth 315 Taka

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Dhaka to Tangail Train Ticket Booking

You can buy Dhaka to Tangail train ticket in two ways. One is to go directly to the station and buy a ticket, the other is to buy a train ticket online from the comfort of your own home.

If you appear before the station to buy a train ticket, you may have to stand in a line, that’s disgusting and wastes your time. That is why buying train tickets online is becoming popular day by day in Bangladesh.

If you want to book Dhaka to Tangail train ticket online, follow the short guidelines below. The step-by-step process is simply described here:

Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule and Ticket Price 2021
Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule and Ticket Price 2021.

Bangladesh Railway Train Schedule

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