Dhanmondi Lake

Dhanmondi Lake, Dhaka — porzoton.com

Dhanmondi Lake is like a piece of silent peace amidst the noise of the capital Dhaka. The lake has come to be known as Dhanmondi Lake due to its location in the Dhanmondi area. The beautiful combination of greenery and water has made Dhanmondi Lake popular with people of all walks of life. That is why the afternoons of Dhanmondi Lake are full of tourists walking with their loved ones.

Dhanmondi Lake is surrounded by a park. Inside the park are a variety of plants, walkways, exercise areas, benches, restaurants and fast food shops. You can go fishing in the lake and go around by boat for a certain amount of money. There is also Rabindra Sarobar as a recreational and cultural center. Various cultural events and concerts are organized on different days and festivals at Rabindra Sarobar. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman‘s residence is near Dhanmondi Lake.

Dhanmondi Lake, Dhaka — porzoton.com

Dhanmondi Lake is not a small and ordinary lake, it covers an area of about three kilometers. As a result, different parts of the lake got different names. Such as: Medinova Square, Zia Square, Jahajbari Point, Shooting Point, Island Square, Bachelor Point, Lake-par Round Square, Bangabandhu Square, Sheikh Russell Square, Bot-tola etc.

Dhanmondi Lake, Dhaka — porzoton.com

There is no fee to travel to Dhanmondi Lake. Visitors may roam in the Lake from 5 am to 10 pm.

History of Dhanmondi Lake

Dhanmondi Lake was created in 1956 as part of a planned housing scheme. The lake occupies about 16% of the 240.74 hectare Dhanmondi residential area. Dhanmondi Lake is about 3 km long and extends from Road No. 2 to Dhanmondi Road No. 27.

Dhanmondi Lake, Dhaka — porzoton.com

How to get to Dhanmondi Lake

Coming to Dhanmondi area from anywhere in the capital Dhaka, you can easily reach Dhanmondi Lake by renting a rickshaw.

Rabindra Sarobar, Dhanmondi Lake, Dhaka — porzoton.com

Where to eat

There are many lavish food shops around Dhanmondi Lake. There are several restaurants, as well as food courts and tong shops. You will find a lot of delicious food in these restaurants.

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