Ekota Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Stoppages

The article discusses Ekota Express train schedule, ticket price, seat plan, route map, facilities, stoppages and travel duration.

Ekota Express is one of the 3 farthest intercity trains of Bangladesh Railway, runs between the capital Dhaka and the northernmost district of the country, Panchagarh. This is the longest rail track in Bangladesh with a distance of 639 km. The other two trains accompanying Ekota Express on this route are Drutojan Express and Panchagarh Express.

Ekota Express train initially operated from Dhaka to Dinajpur, later extending to Panchagarh. It’s also one of the fastest and most luxurious trains in Bangladesh. The total number of bogies of Ekta Express is 12. The train can carry a total of 1,200 passengers.

Ekota Express Train Schedule Ticket Price Rout Map Stoppages
Ekota Express, a luxury train on Dhaka-Dinajpur-Panchagarh route.

Ekota Express intercity train was inaugurated in 1986 to run on Dhaka-Dinajpur route. The bridge over the river Jamuna was not built yet, so Ekota Express could not reach directly from Dinajpur to Dhaka. Instead, departing Dinajpur, it would proceed via Parbatipur, Rangpur, Kaunia, Gaibandha up to Balasi Ghat and drop off passengers there.

Passengers would then cross the Jamuna River by the Railways’ own ferry service and reach Bahadurabad Ghat. There another rack of Ekota Express would start its journey again and reach Dhaka via Jamalpur, Mymensingh, Joydebpur. That is, until the construction of the Jamuna Bridge in 1998, Ekota Express train used to go from Dinajpur to Dhaka via Rangpur, Gaibandha, Jamalpur, Mymensingh and Gazipur. Later, when the Jamuna Bridge was opened, Ekota Express ply from Dinajpur to Dhaka via Joypurhat, Natore, Pabna, Sirajganj, Tangail and Gazipur.

Ekota Express Seat Plan & Facilities

Ekota Express train holds 12 bogies. Of them, 1 AC chair coach, 1 AC sleeper, 1 power car, 2 food cars and 7 are Shovan chair coaches.

Ekota Express train contains a total of 7 categories of seats, ranging from the lowest priced Shovan to the most luxurious AC Berth (cabin). Seat classes are as follows:

  1. Shovan,
  2. Shovan Chair,
  3. Snigdha,
  4. 1st Class Seat,
  5. 1st Class Berth,
  6. AC Seat, and
  7. AC Berth.

The train also includes food supplies, sleeping amenities, recreation scope, prayer space, clean toilets and overhead luggage racks for its passengers.

Ekota Express Train Seat Plan
An interior view of a Shovan Chair coach in Ekota Express train.

Ekota Express Train Route Map

Ekota Express intercity train passes through 8 more districts in the way from its initial station of Kamalapur in Dhaka to Bir Muktizoddha Sirajul Islam station in Panchagarh. Therefore, the district-based route map of Ekota Express Train is as follows:

Dhaka> Gazipur> Tangail> Sirajganj> Natore> Bogra> Joypurhat> Dinajpur> Thakurgaon> Panchagarh.

If you would like to see the complete route map of Ekota Express train with each of the smaller stations, click on the button below to view a PDF file that shows the details of the entire rail network in Bangladesh and all the stations, sub-stations and stoppages:

Ekota Express Travel Time

As Ekota Express is a long distance intercity train, you can travel by this from the capital Dhaka to the 9 northern districts. Here is how long it takes to travel to different destinations from Dhaka with Ekota Express.

Ekota Express train takes 10 hours and 50 minutes to reach Panchagarh, 639 km from Dhaka; 6 hours and 43 minutes to reach Joypurhat, 396 km from Dhaka; 5 hours to reach Natore, which is 319 km from Dhaka; 1 hour 55 minutes to reach Tangail, 97 km from Dhaka; And the train Ekota Express takes 27 minutes to reach Dhaka Airport Railway Station, 17 km from Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station.

Ekota Express Train Schedule

Ekota Express train, code 705, departs from Kamalapur Railway Station in Dhaka at 10:10 AM and reaches Bir Muktizoddha Sirajul Islam railway station in Panchagarh at 09:00 PM. The train runs 7 days a week with no weekly holidays. On the contrary, Ekota Express with Code 706 departs from BMSE railway station in Panchagarh for Dhaka at 09:10 PM and arrives at the destination at 08:10 AM. The train also runs on Panchagarh-Dhaka route 7 days a week, with no holidays.

The detailed time schedule of Ekota Express train from Dhaka to Panchagarh and from Panchagarh to Dhaka routes is shown in two separate tables below.

Ekota Express Train Schedule

Dhaka to Panchagarh
Station NameArrivalDepartureBreak
Dhaka-10:10 AM-
Dhaka Airport10:37 AM10:42 AM05 min
Joydebpur11:05 AM11:10 AM05 min
Tangail12:05 PM12:07 PM02 min
B.Bandhu Bridge East12:27 PM12:37 PM10 min
SM Monsur Ali01:04 PM01:07 PM03 min
Ishwardi02:20 PM02:23 PM03 min
Natore03:10 PM03:13 PM03 min
Shantahar04:00 PM04:05 PM05 min
Akkelpur04:25 PM04:27 PM02 min
Joypurhat04:53 PM04:56 PM03 min
Panchbibi05:09 PM05:19 PM10 min
Birampur05:36 PM05:39 PM03 min
Fulbari05:50 PM05:53 PM03 min
Parbatipur06:15 PM06:25 PM10 min
Chirirbandar06:40 PM06:42 PM02 min
Dinajpur07:00 PM07:05 PM05 min
Setabganj07:35 PM07:37 PM02 min
Thakurgaon07:51 PM07:53 PM02 min
Ruhiya08:15 PM08:18 PM03 min
Kismat08:33 PM08:35 PM02 min
Panchagarh09:00 PM--

Ekota Express Train Schedule

Panchagarh to Dhaka
Station NameArrivalDepartureBreak
BMSE Panchagarh-09:10 PM-
Kismat09:25 PM09:27 PM02 min
Ruhiya09:34 PM09:36 PM02 min
Thakurgaon10:16 PM10:18 PM02 min
Setabganj10:32 PM10:34 PM02 min
Dinajpur11:04 PM11:12 PM08 min
Chirirbandar11:29 PM11:31 PM03 min
Parbatipur11:50 PM12:10 AM20 min
Fulbari12:28 AM12:31 AM03 min
Birampur12:42 AM12:45 AM03 min
Panchbibi01:06 AM01:08 AM02 min
Joypurhat01:18 AM01:21 AM03 min
Akkelpur01:35 AM01:45 AM10 min
Shantahar02:10 AM02:15 AM05 min
Natore03:12 AM03:15 AM03 min
B.Bandhu Bridge East05:24 AM05:26 AM02 min
Tangail05:46 AM05:48 AM02 min
Joydebpur06:50 AM07:00 AM05 min
Dhaka Airport07:25 AM07:28 AM03 min
Dhaka08:10 AM--

Ekota Express Train Ticket Price

According to the updated fare list of Bangladesh Railway, the ticket prices for Ekota Express train from Dhaka to different destinations, from low priced Shovan class to luxurious AC Berth are shown in the table below:

Destination Shovan Shovan Chair 1st Berth AC Berth
Panchagarh ৳ 550 ৳ 730 ৳ 1145 ৳ 1942
Dinajpur ৳ 360 ৳ 460 ৳ 855 ৳ 1285
Fulbari Station ৳ 330 ৳ 395 ৳ 785 ৳ 1175
Birampur ৳ 320 ৳ 385 ৳ 765 ৳ 1150
Panchbibi ৳ 305 ৳ 365 ৳ 730 ৳ 1095
Joypurhat ৳ 300 ৳ 360 ৳ 715 ৳ 1070
Akkelpur ৳ 290 ৳ 345 ৳ 690 ৳ 1035
Santahar ৳ 275 ৳ 330 ৳ 660 ৳ 990
B. Setu (East) ৳ 105 ৳ 125 ৳ 250 ৳ 375
Tangail ৳ 90 ৳ 105 ৳ 210 ৳ 315
Ekota Express train ticket price 2023
A ticket for Shovan Chair class of Panchagarh to Dhaka-bound train Ekota Express.

Ekota Express Train Stoppages

Ekota Express intercity train runs from Dhaka to Panchagarh with code 705 and from Panchagarh to Dhaka with code 706. Both the trains take breaks at a total of 21 sub-stations while covering a distance of 639 km between Dhaka and Panchagarh. The following list shows all stoppages of Ekota Express train:
  1. Dhaka Airport Railway Station,
  2. Joydebpur Junction,
  3. Tangail,
  4. Bangabandhu Bridge East,
  5. S. M. Mansur Ali Railway Station,
  6. Ullapara Railway Station,
  7. Natore,
  8. Santahar Junction,
  9. Akkelpur,
  10. Joypurhat,
  11. Panchbibi,
  12. Birampur,
  13. Phulbari,
  14. Parbatipur Junction,
  15. Chirirbandar,
  16. Dinajpur,
  17. Setabganj,
  18. Pirganj,
  19. Thakurgaon Road,
  20. Ruhiya, and
  21. Kismat.
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