Feni to Chittagong Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2023

Chittagong is the 2nd largest city, known as the commercial capital of Bangladesh. Surrounded by sea and valleys, Chittagong is famous as the queen of the East for its natural beauty. Therefore, like other parts of the country, thousands of people go from Feni to Chittagong every day for business or natural travel.

Feni and Chittagong are two adjacent cities. The distance between the two is not too much. But since the railway track from all over the country goes to Chittagong through Feni, there are many trains available on Feni to Chittagong route, and traveling by train is very affordable and safe.

If you want to go from Feni to Chittagong by a train, you need to know Feni to Dhaka train schedule and ticket price. This is what we’ve presented here.

Feni to Chittagong Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2023
A dazzling picture taken from the window of a Feni to Chittagong train.

According to Bangladesh Railway, the distance from Feni to Chittagong by rail is 91 km. On the other, the road distance from Feni to Chittagong is 93 km, according to the Roads and Highways Department.

The distances by road from Feni to some neighboring district towns are: Bandarban is 167 km, Brahmanbaria 134 km, Chandpur 105 km, Comilla 58 km and Cox’s Bazar is 241 km away from Feni.

To know the distance from Dhaka to other district cities of the country by rail and road, please have a look at: Dhaka to All District Distance.

Feni to Chittagong Train Schedule

Intercity Train

Train Name Departure Arrival Off Day
704 - Mahanagar Provati 12:27 PM 02:00 PM No
720 - Paharika Express 05:55 PM 07:35 PM Sat
722 - Mahanagar Express 03:08 AM 04:50 PM Sun
724 - Udayan Express 04:21 AM 06:00 AM Sun
730 - Meghna Express 07:27 AM 09:00 AM No
742 - Turna Express 04:40 AM 06:20 AM No
786 - Bijoy Express 03:53 AM 05:30 AM Tue

Mail Train

Train Name Departure Arrival Off Day
2 - Chittagong Mail 05:30 AM 07:25 AM No
68 - Chattala Express 06:53 PM 08:30 PM Tue
14 - Jalalabad Express 09:30 AM 12:00 PM No
4 - Karnafuli Express 04:25 PM 06:15 PM No
1 - Dhaka Mail 10:30 PM 12:15 AM No
30 - Sagarika Express 05:25 PM 07:20 PM No
38 - Mymensingh Express 06:10 PM 09:00 PM No
Chittagong to Feni Train Schedule 2023.
A spectacular view at Feni railway station.

Feni to Chittagong Train Ticket Price

The cost of Feni to Chittagong train journey is less than other public transport. Below is a train ticket price list for Feni to Chittagong, according to Bangladesh Railway. You can book any class of ticket you can afford.

Class Price
Shovan ৳ 90
Shovan Chair ৳ 110
First Seat ৳ 145
First Berth ৳ 215
Snigdha ৳ 207
AC Seat ৳ 248
AC Berth ৳ 368
Feni to Chittagong train schedule
Chittagong railway station.

Feni to Chittagong Train Ticket Online

You need to book a ticket to travel by train. Happily, it is no longer mandatory for passengers to go to the train station to buy a train ticket as in the past. Instead, Bangladesh Railway has now introduced the facility of booking train ticket online, which is a very popular service.

If you would like to book a Feni to Chittagong train ticket online, you can do it through Bangladesh Railway’s E-Ticketing Service website, Rail Sheba mobile app or by SMS. You will also pay for your ticket through online transaction. Bellow is a step-by-step guide on how to buy train ticket online:

BD Railway Ticket Booking Online with Esheba & Mobile
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