Hanif Bus Counters, Location & Mobile Numbers

Hanif Enterprise is one of the most popular bus services in Bangladesh. There are both AC and non-AC buses in Hanif Paribahan. Here are the locations and mobile numbers of all Hanif bus counters in all areas of Bangladesh including Dhaka, Sylhet, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Barisal, Khulna and where Hanif buses run. This can be useful for Hanif Bus Ticket Booking or for getting bus schedule and fare information.

Hanif Enterprise provides passenger services from the capital Dhaka to Sylhet, Chittagong, Barisal, Khulna, Rajshahi, Cox’s Bazar, Jessore, Magura, Bogura, Rangpur, Thakurgaon, Panchagarh, Kurigram, Jhenaidah, Khagrachhari and Rangamati routes.

Hanif Enterprise bus.
Buses of Hanif Enterprise are better known for their speed.

Kalyanpur-1 Counters, Dhaka: 01713-049540, 01713-049541, 02-9010212.

Kalyanpur-2 Counters, Dhaka: 01713-049573.

Kalyanpur-3 Counters, Dhaka: 01713-049574

Kalyanpur-4 Counters, Dhaka: 01713-049561, 02-8091402, 02-9022953, 02-9015673.

Shyamoli Ringrod-1 Counters, Dhaka: 01713-402639.

Shyamoli Ringrod-2 Counters, Dhaka: 01713-049532.

Gabtali Counter, Dhaka:  02-9012902.

Technical Counter, Dhaka: 02-9008475, 01713-049541.

Kalabagan Counter, Dhaka: 01730-376342, 01713-402670, 02-8119901.

Fakirapol Counter, Dhaka: 02-7191512.

Arambagh Counter, Dhaka: 01730-376343, 01713-402631, 01713-402632, 01713-402671, 02-7194007.

Savar Counter, Dhaka: 01753-488476, 02-7747788.

Nabinagar Counter, Dhaka: 01681-29999, 01753-488476.

Panthapath Counter, Dhaka: 01713-402641.

Syedabad Counter, Dhaka: 01713-402673.

Abdullahpur Counter, Dhaka: 01713-049513.

Norda Counter, Dhaka: 01713-049579.

Kachpur Counter, Dhaka: 01687-480569.

Hanif Bus Counters, Sylhet

Humayun Rashid Chattar Counter, Sylhet: 01711-924420, 01711-924415.

Dargah Gate Counter, Sylhet: 01711-924419.

Subhani Ghat Counter, Sylhet: 01711-922421.

Kadamtali Bus Stand Counter, Sylhet: 01711-922413, 01711-922416.

Moulvibazar Counter, Sylhet: 0861-53141, 01711- 92441.

Srimangal Counter, Sylhet: 01711-922418.

Hanif Enterprise Bus-Counter Dhaka to Sylhet.
A brand new bus of Hanif Enterprise operates on Dhaka to Sylhet route.

Check also: Shyamoli Paribahan.

Hanif Bus Counters, Chittagong

Chittagong Counter, Chittagong: 01713-402663, 01713-402664, 01713-402665, 01713-402667, 01713-402668, 01713-402669.

Dampara Counter, Chittagong: 01713-402664.

A K Khan Counter, Chittagong: 01713-402665, 01713-402667.

Hanfi Bus Counters, Barisal

Barisal Main Counter: 01713-450760, 0431-2174768.

Bakerganj Upazila Counter, Barisal: 01716-507713.

Rahmatpur, Babuganj Counter, Barisal: 01725-658269.

Sanuhar, Wajirpur Counter, Barisal: 01728-972063.

Batajore Counter, Barisal: 01751-506010.

Gournadi Counter, Barisal: 01723-929122.

Torki Bazar Counter, Barisal: 01712-135900.

Bhorghata Counter, Khanjapur, Gournadi, Barisal: 01712-283882.

Jhalakathi Counter, Barisal: 01723-388995.

Kathalia Counter, Jhalakati, Barisal: 01710-623811.

Rajapur Counter, Jhalakati, Barisal: 01712-035750.

Amua Bazar Counter, Kanthalia, Jhalakati: 01730-935943.

Bundaria Counter, Pirojpur: 01711-219377.

Swarupkathi Counter, Pirojpur: 01711-730405.

Kawkhali Upazila Counter, Pirojpur: 01715-951813.

Mathbaria Counter, Pirojpur: 01914-848592, 01748-912751.

Guatechta Counter: 01713-956284.

Islady Counter, Barisal: 01712-367244.

Patuakhali Counter, Barisal: 01740-991616.

Kalapara or Khepupara Counter, Patuakhali: 01721-048838.

Subivadkhali, Patuakhali: 01778-123630.

Amtali Counter, Barguna: 01918-887769.

Hanif Bus Counters, Khulna

Royal Chattor Counter, Khulna: 01713-049562, 041-810451.

Natun Rasta Counter, Khulna: 0417-60186.

Sonadanga Bus Terminal Counter, Khulna: 0418-10542, 0418-10453.

Shib Bari Counter, Khulna: 0417-23996.

Naya Para Counter, Khulna: 01740-591539.

Daulatpur Counter, Khulna: 0412-850724.

Fulbari Gate Counter, Khulna: 01918-605196.

Shiromoni Counter, Khulna: 0417-86115.

Boyra Bazar Counter, Khulna: 0412-850911.

Rose Berg Counter, Khulna: 0417-01432.

Hanif Enterprise Dhaka to Chittagong Counter
A Volvo multi-axle bus of Hanif Enterprise is running on Dhaka to Chittagong route through greeneries.

Hanif Bus Counters, Rajshahi

Rajshahi Counter: 0721-773361, 01713-201700.

Natore Counter: 01713-201703, 0771-66227.

Chapai Counter: 01713-201701.

Hanif Bus Counters, Cox's Bazar

Cox’s Bazar Counter: 01713-402651.

Kolatoli Road Counter, Cox’ s bazar: 01713-402653, 01713-402669.

Sugandha Beach Counter, Cox’ s bazar: 01713-402635, 01713-402651.

Chakaria, Old S. Alam Counter, Cox’ s Bazar: 01985-650479, 01689-840531.

Teknaf Countes, Cox’ s Bazar: 01825-157324.

Hanif Bus Counters, Jessore

Jessore Counter, Jessore: 01713-049560.

Manihar Counter, Jessore: 0421-63717, 0421-71171.

Gari Khana Counter, Jessore: 01713-049560, 0421-71172.

New Market Counter, Jessore: 0421-71173, 0421-67838.

Benapole Counter, Jessore: 01713-402640, 0422-875734.

Hanif Enterprise Bus from Dhaka to Kurigram.
A modern bus of Hanif Enterprise is running on Dhaka to Kurigram route.

Hanif Bus Counters, Magura

Magura Counter, Magura: 0488-63495, 01921-401403.

Wapda Counter, Magura: 01718-692440.

Hanif Bus Counters, Bogura

Bogura Counter, Bogura: 01713-049554.

Bogura Banani Counter: 0516-6271.

Satmatha Park Road, Bogura: 0516-6271.

Thanthania Counter, Bogura: 0516-0940.

Hanif Bus Counters Rangpur, Thakurgaon, Panchagarh

Rangpur Counter,
Rangpur: 01713-402650, 01713402646,052155717.

Panchagarh Counter, Panchagarh: 01713-201705.

Boda Counter, Rangpur: 01716-264734.

Bhulli Counter, Rangpur: 01713-744454.

Thakurgaon Counter, Thakurgawn: 01713-201704.

Thakurgawn Road Counter: 01722-601369.

Rani Sankhan Counter, Rangpur: 01714-942159.

Ruhiya Counter, Rangpur: 01713-784925.

Birganj Counter, Rangpur: 01714-228939.

Rani Bandar Counter, Rangpur: 01748-905902.

Nek Mor Counter, Rangpur: 01710-629974.

Baliya Danga Counter, Rangpur: 01767-054290.

Hanif Bus Ticket Counter Rangpur-Thakurgaon
A luxury Volvo bus of Hanif Enterprise, plying on Dhaka to Rangpur route.

Hanif Bus Counter, Jhenaidah

Jhenaidah Counter,
Jhenaidah: 01712-952975.

Hanif Bus Counter, Khagrachari

Khagrachari Counter,
Khagrachari: 0361-63124, 01756-946391.

Hanif Bus Counter, Rangamati

Rangamati reserve Bazar Counter, Rangamati: 01811-615801.

Note: The information provided here may change at any time. So, if you find any wrong phone number of Hanif bus counter, please let us know, we will fix it. Porzoto.com is not responsible if you make any financial transactions to any of the mobile numbers of the Hanif bus ticket counter provided here for booking bus tickets.

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