Jaflong, The Best Tourist Spot in Sylhet

Jaflong is a piece of paradise located just below the Himalayan mountains. Here the mountains are covered with green forests, the blueness of the sky melts in the pellucid water of Piyain River. Jaflong is one of the most amazing natural places in the world due to the combination of undulating hills, green forests, crystal-clear river, blue sky, vast tea gardens and silver waterfalls. Therefore, needless to say, Jaflong is the best tourist spot in Sylhet.

Jaflong Sylhet, photo of a rainy day
Spring, river & greenery became blurred due to rains. Jaflong, Sylhet.

The water in Piyain River in Jaflong is literally as transparent as crystal. Although the mountain rivers are usually shallow, but occasionally deep ditches are formed due to water swirls. Thus, where the river is very deep, it is called locally as Dohor or Dohr. I noticed during my tour in Jaflong that under twenty to twenty-five feet of water the movements of small shrimps, crabs or fishes are clearly seen. This wonderfully clear water of the Piyain River is also an attractive seen to tourists in Jaflong.

Jaflong Sylhet, iron bridge over the Piyain river
Iron bridge hanging over the Piyain river in Jaflong. Hills on both sides rise like steep walls.

The essence of the beauty of Jaflong, as I said above, is the combination of mountains and rivers. In fact, wherever there is such a combination, that is a tourist destination. However, Jaflong is different from other such places. Mountains in Jaflong are so high, they rise straight up like steep walls. White clouds float over the hills all day long like the bunches of carded cotton. The river that descends from the junction of the two mountains, an iron bridge hanging right there. From the river-beach, this bridge looks like a rope; and the small cars that move silently over it looks like some rats are running.

Jaflong Sylhet, workers collecting stones in Piyain river.
Workers loaded their boats with stones from Piyain river in Jaflong, Sylhet.

The River Piyain flows zigzagging like a snake. In Jaflong, the place where the river and the hills meet, is a long sandy beach. During the dry season, ‘Char’ (sand-land) arise here and there. White pebbles scattered all over the river. It is like a vast stony field. At noon, the rocky beach shines as a mirror. Jaflong changed its appearance again in the rainy season. The blue hills and mountains then become green. In bellow, it seems the water is boiling. When a shadow of the green mountain falls in transparent water, the water also turns green.

Jaflong Sylhet in dry season, water receded and stone-bed woke up.
Jaflong in dry season. Water receded & stone-bed woke up.

Rapid flood-water descends frequently in the Piyain River due to heavy rainfall in the Shillong Plateau. More and more stones come down with strong currents. This stone is the livelihood of the people of Jaflong. On both sides of the river you’ll see large piles of stone, and in the river there is a view of lifting stones with shovels. Khasia Palli is on the western side of the river. The Khasias tribe build their houses on a high bamboo platform. Every house has a plantation of betel-leaves. There are also orange gardens. The shrubs of the orange trees bow down with the weight of the raw oranges.

Jaflong Sylhet, A huge rock in Jaflong
A huge rock in Jaflong. Tourists enjoy riding it. Anyway, I'm there too.

How to go to Jaflong

How to go to Jaflong from Dhaka

Jaflong is a tourist destination in Gowainghat upazila of Sylhet, Bangladesh. It is located 62 km northeast of the city of Sylhet, on the border of the Indian state of Meghalaya, and at the foot of the Khasia-Jainta hills. So to travel to Jaflong from anywhere in Bangladesh, you must first come to Sylhet. Since most of the travelers come to Sylhet via Dhaka, then travel from Sylhet city to Jaflong, we are here first to give detailed information about the way to get to Sylhet from Dhaka.

Dhaka to Sylhet by train

At present 4 intercity and 1 mail trains run on Dhaka-Sylhet route. They are Parabat ExpressJayantika ExpressUpaban ExpressKalani Express and the mail train is called the Surma Mail.

The following article provides detailed information about the schedules and ticket prices of all trains running on the Dhaka to Sylhet route: Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule and Ticket Price 2020.

But if you’re to come to Sylhet from Chittagong, please have a look at Chittagong to Sylhet Train Schedule with Ticket Price 2020.

Dhaka to Sylhet by bus

And if you want to go to Sylhet by bus from Dhaka, as many Jaflong-bound tourists have gone, it may be convenient for you to have the name of the bus concerned, the amount of fare and the phone numbers of the bus counter. So in this article we have included all the necessary information for you about Dhaka-Sylhet Bus (AC and Non-AC): Dhaka to Sylhet Bus: Ticket Price & Contacts.

How to go to Jaflong from Sylhet

Jaflong porzoton spot is 60 km far from Sylhet city. You can go by bus, car, auto-rickshaw or leguna. It can take up to two hours to reach Jaflong from Sylhet city by bus, car or CNG auto-rickshaw. However, it may take a little longer to go by a leguna at a lower cost. Bus-stoppage is at Shibganj, fare is around 80 Taka. CNG-operated Auto-rickshaw station at Amberkhana in Sylhet, it will cost 1200-1500 Taka to avail reserved for a full day. You can also reserve a microbus from Chauhatta Point, it may charge 3000-3500 Taka.

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