Jakob Tower, the tallest watch tower in the subcontinent

Jakob Tower is the tallest watchtower in the subcontinent for tourists, located in the town of Char Fashion in Bhola district of Barisal division. Much like the Eiffel Tower, the 16-story tower is 225 feet high. Up to 500 visitors can climb the Jakob Tower together and enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings. Jakob Watch Tower has staircases for tourists as well as a transparent glass capsule lift with a capacity of 16 people. As the tallest and most eye-catching watch tower in Bangladesh and the subcontinent, Jakob Tower has been able to quickly attract tourists from home and abroad.

Jakob Tower, the tallest watch tower in the subcontinent
Jakob Tower, the tallest watch tower in the subcontinent.

The structure of Jakob Tower is made entirely of steel, cast from 65 feet of underground. Wrapped in transparent glass all around, the tower can withstand 8 magnitude earthquakes. It contains entertainment facilities on the top floor. Powerful binoculars have been installed at the top of the Tower, allowing you to enjoy up to 100 square kilometers of natural beauty all around. With the help of binoculars, you can clearly see the protected forests of Char Kukri Mukri, Tarua Beach, Char Piyal of Swapnadwip Monpura, Hatiya’s Nijhum Island, Dhalchar and the Bay of Bengal. The tower provides rest, first aid and dining facilities for tourists.

Jakob Tower Entrance Fee and Off Day

The local municipality is responsible for the operation and maintenance of Jakob Tower. They charge 100 taka entrance fee per head. Jakob Tower is closed on Wednesdays.

Way to Jakob Tower

You can board any launch of Prince Russell-4, Karnafuli-4, New Sabbir-2 & 3 launches from Sadarghat in Dhaka at your convenience, and get off at Ghosher Hat Launch Terminal in Bhola. The deck fare of these launches may be 250-300 taka, single cabin 900-1000 taka and double cabin rent 1800-2200 taka. From the launch ghat, you can reach Char Fashion Sadar by renting a motorcycle for 150 or riding a tempo for 70-80 taka.

Jakob Tower, the highest watchtower in sub-continent

Hotel-restaurant in Char Fashion

There are some quality residential hotels in Char Fashion Upazila Sadar. You can stay in any one of them. Hotel Maruf on Lalmohan-Char Fashion Road is relatively good. There are also Seba Hotel, Hotel Goldleaf, Hotel Fashion, Hotel Ali International etc. You can eat and drink at any local food hotel.

Nearest Tourist Spots

Two popular tourist destinations near Char Fashion are Char Kukri Mukri and Monpura Island. If you get time, take another step towards them.

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