Kalni Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Kalni Express is a long-distance intercity passenger train runs between Dhaka and Sylhet. It is one of the 4 intercity trains running on Dhaka-Sylhet route under Bangladesh Railway. The Kalni Express train has been carrying passengers since 2012. The train currently has a total of 12 white coaches. They include 6 Shovan chair coaches, 2 AC chair coaches, 2 food cars, 1 power car and 1 AC sleeper.

Kalni Express Train
Kalni Express train rushes towatds Dhaka like a white line through greeneries.

Kalni Express intercity train leaves Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station at 03:00 PM and reaches Sylhet at 09:30 PM. On the contrary, the train departs from Sylhet Railway Station at 06:15 AM and reaches Dhaka at 01:00 PM. Kalni Express is closed on Fridays, on both the Dhaka-Sylhet and Sylhet-Dhaka routes.

Kalni Express Train Schedule

From Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station
Train Code From Time To Time Off Day
773 Dhaka 03:00 PM Sylhet 09:30 PM Friday
774 Sylhet 06:15 AM Dhaka 01:00 PM
Kalni Express Train Schedule
Kalni Express, a fast intercity train on Dhaka to Sylhet route.

Kalni Express Train Stoppages

The distance from the capital Dhaka to Sylhet, the land of tea, is 319 km by rail. Kalni Express intercity train takes 6 and a half hours to cover this distance. On the way, the train from Dhaka to Sylhet halts at 7 stations, while on the Sylhet to Dhaka route it stops at a total of 9 stations. Below are the stoppages of Kalni Express:

Dhaka Airport Railway Station,
Narsingdi (for 774 only),
Bhairab Bazar Junction (for 774 only),
Shayestaganj Junction,
Kulaura Junction,

Kalni Express Train Schedule and Ticket Price 2023
An interior view with Shovan Chair Coach of Kalni Express train.

Kalni Express Ticket Price

The table below shows the ticket price of Kalni Express intercity train as per the updated price list of Bangladesh Railway. Here we have included train ticket prices for three important destinations of Kalni Express departing from Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station: Dhaka to Srimangal, Dhaka to Kulaura and Dhaka to Sylhet. If you start your journey from Dhaka Airport Station instead of Kamalapur, the fare will be a little lower.

Note that the fare of all trains running on Dhaka to Sylhet route (5 in total) is the same. Therefore, the ticket price mentioned here is applicable for Parabat Express, Jayantika Express, Upaban Express, Kalni Express and Surma Mail. The ticket price for the last 3 (Snigdha, AC Seat and AC Berth) of the 7 seat categories shown here includes VAT.

Kalni Express Train Ticket Price

From Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station
Class Srimangal Kulaura Sylhet
Shovan ৳ 200 ৳ 230 ৳ 265
Shovan Chair ৳ 240 ৳ 280 ৳ 320
First Seat ৳ 320 ৳ 370 ৳ 425
First Berth ৳ 480 ৳ 555 ৳ 640
Snigdha ৳ 460 ৳ 529 ৳ 610
AC Seat ৳ 552 ৳ 639 ৳ 736
AC Berth ৳ 828 ৳ 955 ৳ 1099
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