Nuhash Polli is a beautiful eco-village in Gazipur, Bangladesh. It was created by the famous Bangladeshi writer Humayun Ahmed as a place where he could write, relax, and shoot. Nuhash Polli, located 25 km away from Gazipur district sadar and spread over 40 bighas of land, is home to a variety of trees, flowers, and animals, and it is a popular destination for nature lovers.

Nuhash Polli is in Gazipur, a neighboring district of the capital Dhaka. In detail, Nuhash Polli is located at Pirujali village, under the Mirzapur union of Gazipur Sadar Upazila, 25 km from Gazipur Sadar. If you are going by bus, get down at the Hotapara bus stand. The bus fare from Dhaka to Hotapara may cost 50 to 80 taka. Nuhash Polli is only 8 km from the Hotapara bus stand and can be reached by rickshaw or auto rickshaw.

Landscape of Nuhash Polli

Nuhash Polli is a quiet secluded park inside the deep forest of shorea robusta trees. A garden surrounded by dense greenery. Litchi, blackberry, palm and olive trees scattered all around. A carpet of green grass laid beneath them. The silent beauty of nature enlivens the traveler here. Humayun Ahmed, the legendary writer of postmodern Bengali fiction, is asleep here forever.

Nuhash Polli, Gazipur. নুহাশ পল্লী, গাজীপুর।
Nuhash Polli : A piece of peace wrapped with silence. Photo: A. Q. Adil.

What's are there in Nuhash Polli

There are about 250 species of rare monocarpic, spicy, fruity and wild plants. Each plant has an identification plate attached to it, which makes it easy to recognize them. A few hanging houses have been built on the branches of a large tree in the middle of the green field. To the east of the park there is a date orchard. A nice tin house in one end, called “Brishti Bilash”. Another attraction of Nuhash Polli is “Lilabati Dighi”. A variety of trees surround the Dighi. There is a paved ghat, and a small island in the middle of the Dighi. Coconut trees are standing high on that island.

There are also some interesting things you may like  in Nuhash Polli, such as Humayun’s bust and tomb, a lotus pond, a stone mermaid (মৎস্যকন্যা) in the lake, imitation of prehistoric animals, rugged swimming pool designed in organic form, a chess floor, tea house and many more. There are three bungalows in Nuhash Polli including ‘Bhoot Bilas (ghost house)’ and ‘Brishti Bilas (rain celebration)’.

Things to see in Nuhash Polli

No. Things to see
01 Brishti Bilash: A tin bungalow built to enjoy the sound of rainfall.
02 The Tomb: Humayun's marble tomb in the litchi garden of Nuhash Polli.
03 Mother-baby sculpture: These two white sculptures are first seen in Nuhash Polli.
04 A Herbage: A garden rich in more than three hundred species of native and foreign monocarpic trees, planted by Humayun himself.
05 White House: Humayun Ahmed's main residence in Nuhash Polli.
06 Swimming Pool: 2 swimming pools, made of blue tiles. 1 for adults, heart-shaped. The other is for juniors. Tourists can use these.
07 A Skeleton: A skeleton of a huge human skull placed beside the pool. A stream is flowing down from the open mouth of it.
08 A mural: A large mural of Humayun Ahmed has been erected in front of his White House.
09 Leelabati Sculpture: A teenage girl is reading a book lying on a bench under a tree. It's a fictional sculpture of his dead daughter Leelabati.
10 A Monster on the Hill: An artificial hill built on a bank of Dighi Leelabati. A fountain descended from the hill. There is a huge Chinese monster on the top of the hill.
Nuhash Polli, Gazipur. নুহাশ পল্লী, গাজীপুর।
Capricious Humayun built houses on tree branches, like bird's nests.

How to go to Nuhash Polli

Before starting your journey, you need to know Nuhash Polli’s location address. So, we’re describing here the way for you. First, you have to come to the Hotapara bus stand in Gazipur. Several buses like Pravati, Banoshree etc. from Dhaka run on this route. Bus fare from Dhaka to Hotapara will be 50 to 80 taka depending on the place. Then you can take a tempo, rickshaw, or CNG auto rickshaw from the Hotapara bus stand to reach your destination, Nuhash Polli. Tempos may cost 40 to 50 taka, rickshaws 50 to 60 taka, and CNG fares maybe 120 to 150 taka. You can also go to Nuhash Polli in your own car.

Nuhash Polli, Gazipur. নুহাশ পল্লী, গাজীপুর।
Two Maulavi tourists are gossiping under a palm tree. Photo: A. Q. Adil.
Take a step to Gazipur Safari Park

Bangabandhu Safari Park is just 9 kilometers from Nuhash Polli. After visiting Nuhash Polli, you may take a tour of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, Gazipur. From Nuhash Polli, you can reach the Safari Park within 25 minutes via Pirujali-Hotapara-Babur Chala Road. Gazipur Safari Park, spread over an area of 3,810 acres, is home to hundreds of species of domestic and foreign animals. You can have a thrilling experience by riding in a jeep through a herd of tigers and lions roaming free. Click for details:

Nuhash Polli Visiting Schedule

Nuhash Polli is open to visitors all year round. There are no weekly closures. It is open every day from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm. At the special request, it remains open for general visitors till the Azan for Maghrib prayer. However, on 2 days of the year i.e. 13th November and 19th July (Humayun Ahmed’s birth and death anniversary) Nuhash Polli is open to all for free. No one needs a ticket to enter there for these two days.

Nuhash Polli, Gazipur. নুহাশ পল্লী, গাজীপুর।
Nuhash Polli, A small island in the middle of a lake, connected by a wooden bridge.

Nuhash Polli Entry Fees

No prior permission is required to visit Nuhash Polli. Anyone can enter with a fee of 200 taka. There is no charge for children under 10, drivers and for parking cars. More, no fee required for reciting Fatiha at Humayun Ahmed’s grave. There is another separate gateway for burial on the left side, out the main gate for reciting Fatiha near his grave.

The Park is open to all visitors every day from April to November. But from November to March it is mainly rented for picnics. A maximum of 300 people can enter in one group for picnic every day. To arrange a picnic on a public holiday you have to pay 60 thousand taka, rest of the days it is 50 thousand. For schools, the fare for a picnic on public holidays will be 50 thousand taka, and on other days the rent will be 40 thousand taka.

Nuhash Polli, Gazipur. নুহাশ পল্লী, গাজীপুর।
Nuhash Polli, its dark green will overwhelm you.

Accommodation in Nuhash Polli

There are no residential facilities in Nuhash Polli. But one has the opportunity to rest a while in the bungalow called Brishti Bilash. However, it will take 3000 to 5000 taka to stay in a bungalow called “Bhoot Bilash”.

Nuhash Polli, Gazipur. নুহাশ পল্লী, গাজীপুর।
A stone girl is reading, lying on a bench. Humayun's strange caprice.

Nuhash Polli's Nearby Places

Bangabandhu Safari Park is very close to Nuhash Polli. If you plan to visit Nuhash Polli from Dhaka in one day, you can also visit Bangabandhu Safari Park. Since it will take quite a while to tour the entire safari park, you can summarize your plan to visit both as per your convenience. You can also spend some time at Bhawal National Park if you wish.

Nuhash Polli on Google Map

FAQs about Nuhash Polli

Nuhash Polli is famous because it was the home of the late Humayun Ahmed, one of the most popular and celebrated authors in Bangladesh. Ahmed loved Nuhash Polli and spent many happy years there. He is buried on the grounds of Nuhash Polli, which has made it a popular pilgrimage site for his fans.

Nuhash Polli is also famous for its beautiful natural setting. The estate is home to a variety of trees, plants, and animals, and there is a large pond on the property. Nuhash Polli is a popular spot for picnics, birdwatching, and hiking.

Nuhash Polli is owned by the Humayun Ahmed Foundation. The foundation was established by Ahmed’s family after his death in 2012. The foundation manages Nuhash Polli and opens it to the public for tours and events.

Nuhash Polli is set up on about 40 bighas of land.

Humayun Ahmed was a prolific writer who wrote in a variety of genres, including novels, short stories, plays, and television dramas. He is best known for his humorous and suspenseful novels, which have been translated into many languages. Ahmed’s work has been praised for its wit, social commentary, and insights into the human condition.

Humayun Ahmed is buried on the grounds of Nuhash Polli. His grave is located in a small garden near the pond. The grave is marked by a simple headstone with Ahmed’s name and birth and death dates.

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  3. Nuhash is in Polly,
    There are about 250 species of rare monocorphic, spicy, fruit and wild plants. Attached to each tree is an identification plate, which makes them easy to identify. A few hanging houses have been built on the branches of a huge tree in the middle of the green field. There is a date orchard on the east side of the park. At one end is a great tin house called “British Luxury”. Another attraction of Nuhash Polly is “Lilabati Dighi”. Different types of trees surround the tank. In the middle of the lake there is a pucca ghat and a small island. Coconut trees stand on that island. I like the discussions mentioned in the article.

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