Patenga Beach: Photos & Travel Guide

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Patenga beach in Chittagong, though not very wide, is the 3rd most popular sea beach in Bangladesh after Cox’s Bazar and Kuakata. Since the spot is close to the city and easy to travel, you can travel to Patenga beach in less time and at less cost. Patenga beach is located on the estuary of the river Karnafuli, just 14 km south of the port city of Chittagong.

Patenga Sea Beach, Chittagong.
The most beautiful scenery on Patenga beach is when the sun sets.

When you visit Patenga, you will be mesmerized by the dreamy red reflection of the setting sun across the surface of the sea and breathe in the fresh air. The estuary of Karnafuli and the Bay of Bengal at night highlights a different beauty. So till midnight tourists wander around the beach adjacent to the Naval Academy.

Patenga Sea Beach, Chittagong.
So, Patenga beach is most crowded during sunset.

In winter, tourists from different parts of the country gather to have a picnic and enjoy themselves at Patenga beach. Good quality dried fish and marine handicrafts can be bought here. For the beautification and security of Patenga beach, an embankment has been constructed, electric lights have been lit for the night, many rows of cement seats have been made for the visitors and a police box has been set up.

Patenga Sea Beach, Chittagong.
Rows of cement seats along the beach of Patenga.

Sunrise and sunset views are most beautiful on Patenga beach. Especially, having a sunny afternoon on the beach is a great thing for everyone. You can rent a speed boat there and go around the sea. There are sea bikes for sightseeing, and for only twenty taka you can have fun on horseback. There is a Burmese market in Patenga for shopping. There are a variety of delicious street food to meet your eating needs.

Near Patenga Beach are Shah Amanat International Airport, Bangladesh Naval Base, Chittagong Port Jetty and The Butterfly Park. All these places are close to each other, so you can visit them in one go. Patenga beach in Chittagong is a beautiful place to spend time with friends and family.

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Patenga Sea Beach, Chittagong.
Electrification in Patenga ensures the beauty of the beach & safety of travelers.

How to go to Patenga Beach

If you want to go to Patenga beach from Dhaka, you have to reach Chittagong city first. You can reach Chittagong by BRTC bus from Dhaka’s Kamalapur terminal and by Saudia, Greenline, Silk Line, Sohag, Baghdad Express or Unique Service bus from Saidabad bus station. Greenline, Sohag, Saudia and Hanif Paribahan are famous among the AC buses from Dhaka to Chittagong. AC bus fare can be 850-1100 taka. Non-AC buses include S. Alam, Saudia, Unique, Shyamoli, Hanif, Eagle etc. Non-AC bus fare is 400-500 taka.

If you want to go from Dhaka to Chittagong by a train, you can travel from Kamalapur or Bimanbandar railway station by Sonar Bangla Express, Subarna Express, Turna Express, Mahanagar Prabhati / Godhuli or Chittagong Mail.
For Dhaka to Chittagong train schedule, ticket price and other necessary information, take a look at: Dhaka to Chittagong Train Schedule & Ticket Price.

There are also direct flights from Dhaka to Chittagong by Bangladesh Biman (02-9560151-10), GMG Airlines (02-8922248), United Air (02-8957640) and Regent Air (02-8953003).

Patenga Sea Beach, Chittagong.
Travelers are cruising the sea by speed boat in Patenga.

Chittagong can also be reached by road and rail from Sylhet. Greenline transport AC and non AC buses go to Chittagong by road. If you want you can also go by train from Sylhet to Chittagong. 3 trains go to Chittagong from Sylhet railway station. The intercity train Paharika Express leaves every day of the week except Saturday at 10:15 AM, the intercity train Udayan Express leaves every day of the week except Sunday at 09:40 PM, and the mail train Jalalabad Express leaves for Chittagong at 10:10 PM every day of the week. Train fares range from 175 taka to 1200 taka.

Find out more about schedule and ticket price for Sylhet to Chittagong train: Sylhet to Chittagong Train Schedule & Ticket Price.

Patenga Sea Beach, Chittagong.
A view of the road from Chittagong to Patenga.

How to go to Patenga Beach from Chittagong

Patenga beach is 14 km south of Chittagong Zero Point. From Chittagong city you can go to Patenga by your own car, CNG autorickshaw or local bus. It will take half an hour or a little more to reach Patenga from Chittagong city. If you go by CNG autorickshaw, the fare will be 250-260 taka. If you want to take a bus from Chittagong to Patenga, you can get a beach-bound bus from Chittagong’s New Market, Railway Station Road, Bahaddarhat, Lalkhan Bazar Bend, GEC Turn or Chawk Bazar Point. Most of the buses have the word ‘Sea Beach’ written on them.

Patenga Sea Beach, Chittagong.
Late at night, when tourists take up accommodation in their hotels.

Patenga Hotels and Resorts

Butterfly Park Rest House is a nice place to stay near Patenga beach. Rent from 4 thousand to 7 thousand taka. Phone: 01195010500, 01195010601. However, you can book a hotel in Chittagong city and visit Patenga from there. That’s what most tourists do. Because there are different quality hotels in Chittagong. Below are the addresses and contact information of some of the hotels. All of these are standard but low budget hotels.

Patenga Beach in Google Map

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