Rajshahi to Khulna Train Schedule

Khulna is the 3rd largest city and an industrial area in Bangladesh, called as the gateway to Sundarbans. Every day thousands of people commute to Khulna from Rajshahi and other regions. If you want to go from Rajshahi to Khulna by train, then you should know about Rajshahi to Khulna train schedule and ticket price.

In this article, we’re presenting Rajshahi to Khulna train schedule, ticket price and other necessary information according to the latest updates of Bangladesh Railway.

Khulna Railway Station, Porzoton
Khulna Railway Station.

As the Railway Department shows, the distance from Rajshahi to Khulna is 307 km. However, the distance between Rajshahi and Khulna by road is 273 km.

If you want to know the distance from the capital Dhaka to other district cities of Bangladesh by rail and road, you can see: Dhaka to All District Distance.

Rajshahi to Khulna Train List & Travel Time

Rajshahi to Khulna train route currently has two intercity trains and one mail train. The intercity trains are (716) Kapotaksha Express and (762) Sagordari Express, and the mail train is (16) Mohananda Express.

Kapotaksha Express train takes 5 hours 55 minutes and Sagordari Express takes 5 hours 30 minutes to travel from Rajshahi to Khulna. However, since the mail trains are usually slow and stop at almost every station, so Mohananda Express train takes 8 hours 25 minutes time to reach Khulna from Rajshahi.

Rajshahi to Khulna Train Schedule

Now we are highlighting the schedule for the above 3 Rajshahi to Khulna train.

Kapotaksha Express train leaves Rajshahi station at 02:15 PM and reaches Khulna at 08:10 PM. The train runs six days a week except Tuesday.

Sagordari Express starts its journey from Rajshahi at 06:40 AM and reaches Khulna at 12:10 PM. Its weekly off day is Monday.

Mail train Mohananda Express starts from Rajshahi at 08:15 AM and reaches Khulna at 04:40 PM. It runs all days of the week, with no weekly closures.

Below is a quick timetable of Rajshahi to Khulna trains.

Rajshahi to Khulna Train Timetable

Train Name Departure Arrival Off Day
Kapotaksha Express 02:15 PM 08:10 PM Tue
Sagordari Express 06:40 AM 12:10 PM Mon
Mohananda Express 08:15 AM 04:40 PM No
Interior view of Rajshahi to Khulna train Kapotaksha Express.
Interior view of Rajshahi to Khulna train Kapotaksha Express.

Rajshahi to Khulna Train Ticket Price

There are a total of 5 categories of seats in the intercity trains running on the Rajshahi to Khulna route. The price of a train ticket depends on the category or quality of the seat.

Please find the details of Rajshahi to Khulna train ticket price in the table below. Here are the ticket prices of Kapotaksha Express and Sagordari Express trains, according to the revised price list of Bangladesh Railway.

Rajshahi to Khulna Train Ticket Price

Class Price
Shovan ৳ 260
Shovan Chair ৳ 310
1st Class Chair ৳ 410
Snigdha ৳ 515
AC Seat ৳ 615
Rajshahi to Khulna train Kapotaksha Express
Rajshahi to Khulna intercity train Kapotaksha Express.

Rajshahi to Khulna Train Ticket Online

Bangladesh Railway has now expanded its services to the Internet. So, instead of going to the railway station in person to buy a ticket for Rajshahi to Khulna train, you can now get your train ticket from the comfort of your own home. The service is called railway e-sheba. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy train tickets online: Bangladesh Railway e Ticket.

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