Ramsagar Dinajpur: History, Image & Travel Information

Dinajpur is a district in northern Bangladesh that is known for its rich history, culture, and natural beauty. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Dinajpur is Ramsagar Dighi, a large lake that is surrounded by a lush green forest. The lake is a popular spot for swimming, boating, and picnicking, and the forest is home to a variety of wildlife, including deer, monkeys, and birds.

Other popular tourist attractions in Dinajpur include the Kantajew Temple, a 12th-century Hindu temple that is one of the most important archaeological sites in Bangladesh; the Dinajpur Rajbari, an 18th-century palace that was once the home of the local Rajas; and the Sita Coat Bihar, a Buddhist temple that is believed to have been built in the 7th or 8th century.

Dinajpur is also home to several national parks, including Ramsagar National Park and the Singra Forest. These parks are home to a variety of wildlife, including tigers, elephants, and rhinoceroses.

Ramsagar Dighi in Dinajpur is the largest man-made reservoir in Bangladesh. Despite being a lake, it is called Sagar or Sea due to its vast size. The lake Ramsagar is surrounded by a green forest, which is home to various wildlife. Ramsagar Dighi is a popular tourist destination for swimming, boating, picnicking, and enjoying the natural beauty, and it will continue to attract visitors from all over the world in the years to come.

Ramsagar Dighi (lake) Dinajpur, one of the best tourist places in Dinajpur Bangladesh

Ramsagar is a man-made dighi located in the village of Tajpur in Dinajpur district. It is the largest man-made dighi in Bangladesh. The area of ​​Ramsagar along the coast is 4,37,492 square meters; Length 1,031 meters and width 364 meters. Depth is about 10 meters on average. The height of the bank is 13.5 meters. There was a ghat in the middle of the west bank of the Dighi, with some remains still there. The length and width of the gaht made by sandstone slabs of various shapes were 45.8 m and 18.3 m, respectively. The dighi banks are 10.75 m high.

Location & Forestry of Ramsagar Dighi

The Ramsagar is located in the village of Tajpur in Auliiapur Union, just eight km south of Dinajpur city. On the hill of Dighi, there are 152 varieties of mango, jam, jackfruit, teak, amalki, haritaki, cedarwood, jarul, kanchan, Nageshwara, Kanthalichapa, banyan etc. There are a variety of flowering plants. In 1960, Ramsagar Dighi was brought under the supervision of the Forest Department. In 1995, Ramsagar was declared a modern tourist center and in 2001, the forest surrounding Ramsagar was declared a national park.

History of Ramsagar

Ramsagar is a 265 year old dighi. History shows that on the eve of the Palashi war, King Ramnath erected a dighi, which is named after him. Alivardi Khan was the Nawab of Bengal at that time. The dighi was excavated to provide water to the villagers. It is said that then drought and famine became a regular occurrence in this area. From 1750 to 1755, King Ramnath excavated the dighi on the basis of a ‘work-for-food’ program to alleviate the plight of the famine-stricken inhabitants. 1.5 million workers were required to dig this dighi and the expenditure was about Tk 30,000 in that period.

Ramsagor Dighi in Dinajpur, feature image for article 'List of Places to Visit in Rangpur Division'

Parks, Tours and Festivals in Ramsagar

Ramsagar is now an important tourist destination. During winter, many birds come here. On the west side of Ramsagar there is a beautiful two-storey Dakbanglo. Out of the gate of the bungalow, you will see the forest door on the left of your hand. When you enter through that door you will see a mini zoo. The flock of deer will come running to see you. Exiting the zoo, you will see the Ramsagar Child Park on the left. Every year the Baruni fair is held here on the fifth day of the month of Magh. Hindu fanatics came here to bathe on this day of the year in remembrance of the prince Ramnath, who sacrificed his life in this dighi.

How to Go to Ramsagar Dinajpur

Bus: From Dhaka, you can go to Dinajpur by bus and train both. Buses from Dhaka to Dinajpur usually leave from Gabtali and Kalyanpur. Nabil Transport’s AC buses run on this route, fares 900 taka. In addition to Hanif Enterprise (8013714, 8015368), S R Travels (8013793, 8019312), Keya Transport (9000812), SA Transportation (9332052), Shyamali Transport (900331) and Nabil Transport’s Non-AC buses also go through this route, fares 500-550 taka. You can also go directly to Dinajpur from Asad-gate, College-gate, Shyamoli, Kalyanpur, Technical Morh or Gabtoli area of Dhaka city by the chair coaches of Nabil and Bablu Enterprises. Buses leave approximately after 30 minutes or 1 hour continuously throughout the day. Apart from this, some transportation from Uttara goes to Dinajpur.

Train: The Inter-city Train departs from Kamlapur Railway Station in Dhaka at 7:40 pm and Ekota Express at 9:50 am. But Ekota and Fast-moving Expresses are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays respectively. Rents: Shovan seat 185 taka, Shovan chair 250 taka, first class chair 350, first class berth 535, AC chair 618, AC berth 897 taka.

To know more details of how to travel to Dinajpur from Dhaka by a train, Please take a look at Dhaka to Dinajpur Train Schedule 2020.

Wheen you’re in Dinajpur city, you can reach the historical Ramsagar Dighi and Ramsagar National Parks easily within 30-40 minutes by an Autorickshaw.

Ramsagar Dinajpur History, Image, Travel Information
Ramsagar, the largest man-made water reservoir in Bangladesh.
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