5 Reasons Why You Should Travel in 2022

A human being is not a tree. He doesn’t stand still in one place. This is a wonderful thing, indeed. Again, a man is not a goat too. He does not have to turn round in a circle of ten yards. He can walk, climb, fly — and thus get away. In this way, he gains experience, and happiness. He tends to be richer, to be more human. He goes beyond himself, gradually.

World poet Rabindranath was also a world traveler. In the “Letter from Russia“, he writes: “Travel is another way of learning by sight. I’ve been carrying on the idea of travel school for a long time. …If we make the students travel all over India just for the sake of education for five years, then their education would mature.”

Apart from education and experience, another major reason for traveling is the diversity in daily living. There are many more social, intellectual and emotional reasons too. We’ll point out ten of such reasons. Hope, they make you think, they help you break out the deadlock of material attachments and tend you to set out on a journey by responding to the call of the beautiful nature.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Travel in 2022

Knowledge can be gained by reading books, but not experience. Indirect knowledge is not equal to direct experience, such as reading a recipe and eating pilau are not the same thing. So instead of just drawing scenes in mind through reading and listening, stand in front of the living scenes. The words of wisdom are printed on the pages of nature, and invaluable advices are engraved on the particles of the terra-cotta of archeological forts. You’ve to go out on a tour to get close to a vivacious teacher like the nature and well-experienced adviser like the history, as there is no other way to reach them.

2. Ditch the Repetitive Boredom

You live and keep living, you work and keep working, and one day you come to realize that you’re moving around a circle–a circle of repetition. You think that your life of yesterday and today are almost the same. It’ll bring resentment to your mind, and will create boredom. You’ll feel like you’ve been caught, handcuffed to your duties. Your mind will then seek release, will search for change, and will look forward to a little bit happier. Be careful of your mental demand, lift a finger to the bindings, and say goodbye to all kinds of boredom. Try to live only for you, absolutely for none, and then get out hanging the bag on your back.

3. Spread Yourself Out

Many of us have a kind of uneasiness and apathy about strangers and unseen realms. This is not good, so it is better to overcome it. Traveling in this way can help you. Every new place will give you a new feeling, leaving yourself in the new language and culture of new people you can get yourself back as a new person who has new knowledge and thoughts. In this way, travel broadens your vision and enriches your mind, and allows you to get to know yourself more deeply.

4. Face the Uncertain

Unknown means uncertainty. When you travel to a new area, everything is not what you expect and plan. Problems, surprises, and unimaginabilities will follow you step by step. You will deal with problems, enjoy surprises and overcome unimaginabilities. These experiences will make you more tolerant, determined, and confident.

5. Build A Golden Storage of Memories

The memories of traveling somewhere far away are bright and long lasting. You can strengthen more the bond of relationships by going out on a trip with your family and friends. You can stand with them hand in hand on the canvas of green nature or ruined civilization, and put up beautiful pictures. Then you can create albums of memories, share them through social media. At a later time, these images will be a source of your joy and historical amassment.

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