Sajek Valley Travel: Know Before You Go

Is there people in Bangladesh who haven’t heard of Sajek Valley? Probably, not. Because this is the highest place, in shape and fame, in this country. Sajek is the most visited natural destination, even surpassing Cox’s Bazar beach in thrills and popularity. So, Sajek tour is always at the top of the list of every nature-loving traveler in Bangladesh.

Sajek valley, covered with clouds
Sajek valley, covered with white clouds.

When the word Sajek comes to mind, the scene of a world of clouds floats in front of the eyes. Here, nature changes its color and form from time to time. Now it’s winter, a little later the sun, then maybe it started to rain. Thus, the seasons change several times in the same day in Sajek Valley. Nature draws a canopy of white clouds over the greenery here. Sajek valley is therefore called, very rightly, the kingdom of clouds. Upon reaching the summit of Sajek, tourists feel that they are outside the familiar world, as if they are inhabitants of a kingdom of clouds. The mind then spreads its wings. Subconsciously, they fly to a fairy land, riding on an imaginary horse through the clouds.

The highest peak of Sajek Valley is the Konglak Hill. As you ascend to the summit, you’ll see how the green forest is mingled on the hills along the Mizoram border. When you climb to the top of Konglak and look around, you’ll forget that you’re actually someone who lives in a city of polluted air. The beauty of Sajek will enchant and enliven your mind, soul and body. The experience of watching sunrise and sunset there will become a bright memory of your life. Seeing the beauty of nature in Sajek valley, a rough policeman becomes a soft poet, a shopkeeper becomes an artist, a fashionable young man becomes a mystic devotee.

Sajek Valley, watching clouds
A tourist is rapt with playing clouds in Sajek Valley.

Where Sajek Valley is Located

Sajek Valley, one of the best and most popular places in Bangladesh, is located in the northernmost Mizoram border of Rangamati district under the Chittagong Hill Tracts division of Bangladesh. The distance from Khagrachhari district headquarters to Sajek valley is about 70 kilometers. But it is only 49 km from Dighinala in Khagrachari.

Sajek is bounded on the north by Tripura in India, on the south by Langadu in Rangamati, on the east by Mizoram in India and on the west by Dighinala in Khagrachari. Sajek Union is the largest union in Bangladesh with an area of 702 square miles.

There are two hamlets or small villages in Sajek Valley: Ruilui and Konglak. Founded in 1880, Ruilui is located at an altitude of 1720 feet. The height of Konglak village is 1800 feet. Sajek Valley is called the ‘Roof of Rangamati’.

However, though Sajek Valley is located in Rangamati district, it is very convenient to travel there from Khagrachhari. Because the distance from Dighinala of Khagrachhari to Sajek is only 49 kilometers. So, travelers prefer to go to Sajek through Dighinala.

Best Time To Visit Sajek Valley

Whenever you get a chance, try to make a tour to Sajek valley. But the best time to see the diversity of nature in Sajek is the eleventh hour of the rainy season, and winter.

Sajek Valley, clouds cover the mountains
Sajek Valley, where clouds cover the mountains.

How to get to Sajek Valley

Passenger buses of different companies run from Dhaka to Khagrachhari route. There are transport counters in different parts of Dhaka city including Gabtali and Kalabagan. Buses depart from Dhaka and proceed along Chittagong Road, then cross Comilla-Feni, pass through Mirsarai in Chittagong, and finally reach Khagrachhari town. It takes about 8 hours.

From Khagrachhari you have to go to Sajek Valley by open jeep, which is known as The Moon Car (Chander Gari). It will cost 6,500 to 10,000 taka to rent such a car for two days. A Chander Gari has 12 seats. To go to Sajek, first you have to go to Dighinala. Going down to Dighinala, you can turn around for half an hour from Hajachhara waterfall. You can also take a bath with it. Because there is a severe shortage of water in Sajek Valley. However, the water needed for bathing and other activities is delivered to Saje by truck from outside every day.

So, you have to be frugal in using water in Sajek Valley. The distance from Khagrachhari to Dighinala is 23 kilometers. There is a cantonment in Dighinala. The rest of the way from here you have to go under the guard of the military. The army has taken this step in the interest of security after some unpleasant incidents took place in the hills recently. The army escort from Dighinala starts from 10 am to 11 am. So, you have to reach Dighinala from Khagrachhari before that time. Otherwise, once you miss the morning escort, you will have to wait for the last escort till the afternoon.

From Dighinala you will first go to Bagaihat, then through Machalang Hat you will reach Sajek Valley. It will take about two and a half hours to reach Sajek from Khagrachhari city. One of the attractions of Sajek Tour is this short journey along a winding mountain road. The surrounding hills and greenery will make you forget the fatigue of traveling.

Sajek Valley, Sun rises over the clouds
The view of the sun rising over the clouds in Sajek Valley.

Things to see in Sajek Valley

Arriving in Sajek Valley at the end of a long journey, you must rest a little after taking food. Another thing is that it may not be tolerable to walk around in the hot midday sun. So it is better to wait for the heat of the sun to subside. In the afternoon you can take a jeep tour further into the Sajek Valley. There you can enjoy the sunset, rising to a high peak. In Sajek Valley, the evening descends with an amazing beauty. You see, the blue sky is getting darker and darker, and a few stars are starting to twinkle here and there. In a few moments, one by one, thousands upon thousands of stars will shine before your eyes. Maybe you have never seen such a starry sky in your life.

Evening. A sky decorated with stars. Gentle breeze all around. Sitting there, staring at the sky, you are sipping a cup of tea. At this very moment, the feeling that will come to your heart may be the greatest achievement and experience of your Sajek trip. Sajek is a very ideal place for those who love to see stars.

If you want to enjoy the sunrise in the morning, you must go to the helipad. For that you have to wake up very early, and go to the helipad number one or two. When the golden rays of the sun fall on the white clouds at sunrise, it is an incredibly beautiful and captivating sight.

Sajek Valley Resorts & Cottages

Affordable resorts and cottages are available in Sajek Valley. Being a marginal and hilly area, there is no electricity supply. So most resorts are dependent on solar power. Water has to be fetched from far away. So everyone traveling in Sajek should be frugal in using electricity and water.

Most Sajek resorts have generator facilities from 7pm to 10pm. After that only the lights are on. So don’t forget to take a power bank with you to take pictures on your mobile camera.

If you want to further reduce the cost of overnight stay, you can set up camp and sleep in groups. It will be a little more fun with friends, as well as save a lot of money. Remember, Robi and Airtel have a network in the Sajek Valley all the time. Other networks are not available there.

Let’s find out now about the best resorts and cottages in the Sajek Valley.

Sajek Valley Cottage
Sajek Valley cottages, homes above the clouds.

01. Lusai Cottage

Lusai Cottage is a pretty good resort to stay in Sajek Valley. It is run by the popular Facebook-based travel group ‘Tour Group BD’. The resort is located opposite the Bangladesh Army-run Sajek Resort. It has various categories of rooms for couples, including double beds. Sitting here, you can enjoy the raft of clouds and the sunrise. Lusai Cottage has beautifully decorated rooms with accommodation and dining facilities. Most people choose Lusai cottage to get a beautiful view of Sajak. The rent for each room in this cottage is 2000 to 3000 taka.

If three people stay together in one room at Lusai Cottage, it will cost 3500 taka. If four people do it, they will charge 2500 taka per room. And if a room is rented for two people, it will cost 2000 taka. It is a very beautiful cottage for couples. If you want to know more details about the cottage, please contact: 01634198005. If you want to book a room, call their hotline number: 01882009500.

2. Swapnachura Resort

Swapnachura Resort is one of the most beautiful resorts in Sajek Valley. From its veranda you can enjoy the whole mountain view of Sajek. However, Sajek is so crowded with tourists throughout the year that resorts have to be booked in advance. For more details about Swapnachura Resort, please contact: 01851468183.

It is said that on rainy days, clouds enter through the windows of Swapnachura resort! The resort is really beautiful. The rooms are all double beds and rent for each room is 3500 taka. Swapnachura resort is popular for its low cost quality accomodation.

3. Sajek Resort

The Sajek resort is run by the military. Each room rent is Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 depending on AC and non-AC. There are a total of four rooms on the second floor of the resort. There are also food facilities. The Sajek Resort is designed in such a way that the whole exterior can be seen clearly from the inside of a room. So most couples choose this resort to get close to nature.

Since the resort is under the supervision of the entire army, there are special discounts for army officers. If you want to book a room at Sajek Resort, you can contact: 01859-025698, 01847-070395 or 01769-302370.

Cloud wave in Sajek Valley, as it's a floating sea
Cloud waves in Sajek Valley, as if it's a floating sea.

Things to keep in mind in Sajek Valley

  • Arrive at the camp for army escort on time.
  • Pictures of army camps cannot be captured.
  • Take permission before taking pictures of local people.
  • It is uncertain to get a cottage on holidays, so book in advance.
  • Take with you a SIM from Robi, Airtel or Teletalk.
  • Keep with national identity card.
  • Be sure to take with you a power bank.
  • Be careful on the roof of the jeep or on the motorcycle.
  • No need to reserve a Chander Gari if you go to Sajek Valley for 2-3 days.
  • Take a car just to go. Come back in another car.
  • You can also take a car by phone when you reach Dighinala.

Nearby Places of Interest

Natural and historical attractions of Khagrachhari district include: Alutila Cave, Richang Fountain, Devatar Pond, Horticulture Park, Taiduchhara Fountain, BDR Memorial, Mayabini Lake and Shantipur Forest House. You can also visit these places while visiting Sajek Valley.

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