Sakura Paribahan Bus Ticket Counter Contacts

Sakura Paribahan is a popular bus service from Dhaka to Barisal, with AC and non-AC chair coaches. In this post, Sakura bus fare and mobile numbers of all the counters were given thinking that it would be useful in booking tickets for passengers going from Dhaka to Barisal.

Sakura Paribahan Bus Dhaka to Barisal.
Sakura Paribahan, the most popular bus service on Dhaka-Barisal route.

Sakura bus service carries passengers between the capital Dhaka and various destinations in 8 districts. The destination districts are Bagerhat, Barguna, Barisal, Faridpur, Gopalganj, Patuakhali, Pirojpur and Jhalokati.

Below is the complete route map of Sakura Transport:

Dhaka-Khepupara, Dhaka-Pirojpur, Khepupara-Dhaka, Vandaria-Dhaka, Dhaka-Barisal, Barisal-Dhaka, Dhaka-Vandaria, Dhaka-Kuakata, Dhaka-Mathbaria, Mathbaria-Dhaka, Kuakata-Dhaka, Dhaka-Patuakhali, Patuakhali-Dhaka, Pirojpur-Dhaka, Dhaka-Swarupkathi, Swarupkathi-Dhaka, Dhaka-Pirojpur (Bekutia), Bekutia-Dhaka, Dhaka-Jhalokathi, Jhalokathi-Dhaka, Dhaka-Pathorghata, Pathorghata-Dhaka, Dhaka-Barguna, Barguna-Dhaka, Gazipur-Khepupara, Khepupara-Gazipur, Gazipur-Barisal, Barisal-Gazipur, Khepupara-Saydabad, Saydabad-Khepupara, Barguna-Saydabad, Saydabad-Barguna, Gazipur-Vandaria, Vandaria-Gazipur, Abdullahpur-Patuakhali, Abdullahpur-Barisal, Barisal-Abdullahpur, Dhaka-Bekutia, Abdullahpur-Kuakata, Gazipur-Kuakata, Kuakata-Gazipur, Gazipur-Swarupkathi, Gazipur-Barguna, Barguna-Gazipur, Chandipur-Dhaka, Dhaka-Chandipur, Rayenda-Gazipur, Dhaka-Taltoli, Taltoli-Dhaka, Sayadabad-Kuakata, Kuakata-Sayadabad, Gazipur-Pirojpur, Pirojpur-Gazipur, Dhaka-Amtoli, Amtoli-Dhaka, Saydabad-Mathbaria, Mathbaria-Saydabad, Bowbazar-Poisar Hat, Poisar Hat-Bowbazar.

Sakura Bus Ticket Booking Counter
Sakura Paribahan offers online ticket booking, which others don't.

Sakura Paribahan Travel Time

The average speed of Sakura bus is 85 kilometers per hour. For example, the distance from Dhaka to Barisal by road is 185 kilometers. Therefore it will take you 4 hours and 25 minutes to travel from Dhaka to Barisal by Sakura bus.

The table below shows how long it will take for the Sakura bus to reach some of the notable destination cities from Dhaka. This information has been extracted by calculating the departure time and arrival time shown on the official website of Sakura Paribahan.

From To Distance Travel Time
Dhaka Barisal 185 km 04h 25m
Bagerhat 270 km 08h 25m
Barguna 327 km 07h 40m
Pirojpur 304 km 07h 45m
Jhalokathi 290 km 08h 30m
Patuakhali 319 km 07h 45m

If you want to know the distance of other district towns by road and rail from the capital Dhaka, see this article: Dhaka to All District Distance.

Sakura Paribahan Bus Counter Contact Numbers
A passenger ticket for Sakura Paribahan bus.

Sakura Paribahan Bus Counters, Dhaka

Gabtali Main Counter, Dhaka: 01712-934430 01818-181232, 02-8021184, 02-8014702.

Sayedabad Ticket Counter, Dhaka: 01714-080221, 02-7520297.

TT para Counter, Dhaka: 01718-296689.

Savar Counter, Dhaka: 01711-519191.

Sakura Paribahan Bus Counters, Barisal

Barisal Ticket Counter: 01714-022341, 01712-618924, 0431-64771.

Pathuakhali Counter: 01718-925124, 01712-099552.

Blizzard Counter: 01712-073084, 0496-2544.

Barguna Counter: 01712-986024.

Kuakata Counter: 01716-068992.

Sakura Paribahan All Ticket Booking Counter
Sakura Paribahan bus has completed three decades in passenger service.
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