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Sandwip is a beautiful island in Bangladesh, located on the southeast coast of the Bay of Bengal, in the estuary of the sea and the river Meghna. Sandwip is a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty and exceptional features. The island is not only unique in its natural beauty, but also a rich settlement with a long tradition. Sandwip has been surviving for three thousand years by fighting the currents of the river and the waves of the sea. Administratively, Sandwip is an upazila of Chittagong district. The island is 50 km long and 5-15 km wide and is home to about 4 lakh people.

সন্দ্বীপ ভ্রমণ, Sandwip Travel.
Sandwip: A piece of green peace in the middle of boundless water.

Everything in Sandwip is enjoyable—like the beckon of the great river and the vast sea, the large green fields full of crops, the centuries-old structures, the raising chars on the river, the constant chirping of birds and the unpretentious lifestyle of the local people. Sandwip is a great place for winter camping. So, there is no chance of not being overwhelmed by visiting the island.

সন্দ্বীপ ভ্রমণ গাইড, Sandwip Travel Guide.
Tourists like to enjoy the sunset standing on this long bridge in Sandwip.

How to go to Sandwip

Launch is the cheapest way to reach Sandwip. A launch from Sadarghat in Dhaka goes to Sandwip three days a week. It left at 9 AM. However, when there is less water in the river, the voyage to Sandwip may be annoying. Because then the char woke up on the launch track in Meghna.

So, bus is the quick way to go to Sandwip. Take a Chittagong-bound bus from Fakirapul in Dhaka or any other part of the country to the Kumira Steamer Ghat in Sitakunda. The rent will be according to the distance. If you take a non-AC bus from Dhaka, the fare will be around 500 taka. Make sure you land in Kumira.

সন্দ্বীপ সবুজ গ্রাম, Sandwip's beautiful Villages.
Sandwip, an island of beautiful villages and crop fields.

From Kumira you can reach Kumira-Guptachhara ferry terminal by autorickshaw for a fare of 10-20 taka. Where Kumira is at this end, Guptachhara of Sandwip on the other. The fare from the ferry to Sandwip is 300 taka by speedboat and 150 taka by trawler. In this case, it is best to take a speedboat. After landing at Guptachhara Ghat in Sandwip, the fare to go to the main city by autorickshaw can be 150-200 taka.

Another way is to go to Chittagong first by train or bus from Dhaka. Take a look at Dhaka to Chittagong Train Schedule & Ticket Price. Then from Chittagong Sadarghat you will reach Sandwip by boarding MV Baro Aulia or MV Matin. The two ships left Chittagong Sadarghat for Sandwip in turns on Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9 am.

Two Intercity Trains Stop at Kumira Station

About 7 lakh people live in Sitakunda and Sandwip upazilas of Chittagong. If they want to travel by train, they have to first reach Chittagong station, which is 38 km away. So the local people have been carrying out a mass signature campaign called “Stop the Train” for a long time.

In the context of this longstanding demand, Bangladesh Railway has recently decided that from now on, two Dhaka-bound intercity trains will stop at Kumira railway station for two minutes. As a result, the people of Sitakunda-Sandwip have the opportunity to go to Dhaka by train from Kumira railway station.

This train stoppage also facilitates the movement of local residents of Sitakunda as well as passengers of Sandwip, teachers and students of International Islamic University, factory officials and employees.

The two trains that will stop at Kumira station are Chattala Express and Mahanagar Express.

Chattala Express: According to the instructions received from the Railway Head Office, Chattala Express train from Chittagong will reach Kumira station at 08:58 AM. After waiting for passengers at the station for 2 minutes, the train will leave for Dhaka at 09:00 AM. The train will then reach Dhaka at 03:50 PM. At Kumira station, only Sulov seats can be booked. It will cost 175 taka.

Mahanagar Express: It will leave Chittagong station at 12:30 PM. The train will reach Kumira station at 12:56 PM. After waiting 2 minutes it will leave Kumira station at 12:58 PM. Then Mahanagar Express will reach Dhaka at 07:10 PM. Tickets for the Shuvan Chair on this train can be purchased at Kumira station for 345 taka.

However, the campaigners demanded that only two Dhaka-bound trains should not stop here. All intercity trains should be stopped here for the benefit of 7 lakh people of Sitakunda and Sandwip.

Accommodation in Sandwip

You can make a tent and spend the night in Sandwip for a thrilling experience. Therefore, move from the main town of Sandwip to the very western tip of the island, on the banks of the Meghna. The name of that village is Rahmatpur. This is the best place to pitch a tent. Make your abode by choosing a convenient place there. Spending a night without artificiality where the moonlit sky above and the vast expanse of water all around may be a memorable experience of your life.

If you want to have a hotel room, go to Enam Nahar area of the city, there you’ll find a few medium quality hotels. Apart from this, if you take prior permission, you can take place in Sandwip Upazila Dak-Bungalow. Bungalow’s Phone: 01811-341722.

সন্দ্বীপ আইল্যান্ড, Sandwip interior view.
সন্দ্বীপ চিরে বয়ে যাওয়া খালে মাছ ধরছেন জেলেরা।
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