Sonar Bangla Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2021

Sonar Bangla Express is a non-stop intercity train in Bangladesh, operated by Bangladesh Railway. Sonar Bangla is a shiny train with air-conditioned spacious cabins, comfortable AC chairs and all modern passenger services. The train even has fans hanging inside its toilets — with soap, towels and a high commode. Laptop and mobile charging facilities are also available in Sonar Bangla Express.

The luxury Sonar Bangla Express train runs from Chittagong Railway Station to Dhaka’s Kamalapur Railway Station and vice versa. Launched in 2016, this train is one of the 3 non-stop trains in Bangladesh. The other two non-stop trains are Subarna Express and Banalata Express.

Sonar Bangla Express train schedule & ticket price 2021
Sonar Bangla Express, a luxury non-stop train on Dhaka-Chittagong-Dhaka route.

Apart from Sonar Bangla Express, 4 more intercity trains and 3 mail trains are also run on Dhaka to Chittagong and Chittagong to Dhaka routes. Check out the details:

Capacity & Facilities in Sonar Bangla Express

Sonar Bangla Express is the first train to be launched in Bangladesh with all modern facilities. The average speed of this modern and luxurious intercity train is 75 kmph and maximum speed is 80 kmph. There is a food car with Sonar Bangla train. There are also prayer rooms for passengers. In the dining room, there is a fixed price list hanging.

Sonar Bangla Express train has two AC sleeping chair coaches, four AC chair coaches, nine Shovan chair coaches, a food car and a power car. Each AC chair coach has 55 seats, AC sleeping coach contains 33 seats, Shovon chair coach has 60 seats, and in total the train contains 746 seats. All the seats including shovan chair, AC chair, AC cabin and sleeping seat are made of leather.

On special occasions when the number of passengers increases, such as during the two Eids, additional coaches are added to Sonar Bangla Express.

Sonar Bangla Express Train Schedule

The non-stop intercity train Sonar Bangla Express runs on Dhaka to Chittagong and Chittagong to Dhaka six days a week. Departing from Kamalapur Railway Station in Dhaka, the train halts at Dhaka Airport Railway Station for five minutes only, then on a long journey without stopping at any other station the train goes straight to its destination of Chittagong Station. Similarly, on the way back from Chittagong to Kamalapur railway station in the capital, Sonar Bangla Express took only a three-minute break at the aforesaid station.

Sonar Bangla Express leaves Dhaka’s Kamalapur railway station at 07:00 am, arrives at the airport station at 07:27 am, stops for five minutes, and then continues non-stop and reaches Chittagong at 12:15 pm. Its weekly off day on Dhaka to Chittagong route is Wednesday.

Conversely, Sonar Bangla Express train leaves Chittagong Railway Station at 05:00 pm, arrives at the airport station at 09:37 pm, stops for three minutes, and then continues non-stop and reaches Dhaka’s Kamalapur Railway Station at 10:10 pm. The weekly off day of Sonar Bangla Express for Chittagong to Dhaka route is Tuesday.

Sonar Bangla Express intercity train takes 5 hours and 10 minutes to cover a distance of 346 km between Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, and the port city of Chittagong.

Sonar Bangla Express Train Schedule 2021
Departure Time Arrival Time Off
Dhaka 07:00 AM Chittagong 12:15 PM Wed
Chittagong 05:00 PM Dhaka 10:10 PM Tue
Sonar Bangla Express train schedule & ticket price 2021.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inspects Sonar Bangla Express train.

Sonar Bangla Express Train Ticket Price

As a modern and luxurious intercity train, Sonar Bangla Express has 4 categories of seats: Shovan Chair, 1st Class Seat, Snigdha and AC Seat. The train ticket price depends on the category of seats. The ticket prices for the above 4 seats of Sonar Bangla Express from Dhaka to Chittagong and Chittagong to Dhaka are shown in the table below.

Seat Class Ticket Price
Shovan Chair 345 Taka
1st Class Chair 460 Taka
Snigdha 565 Taka
AC Seat 788 Taka

Note: This schedule and ticket price of Sonar Bangla Express train from Dhaka to Chittagong and Chittagong to Dhaka is collected from the official website of Bangladesh Railway on December 09, 2020. The concerned authority reserves the right to change it at any time. Whenever such a change occurs, we will immediately update the information provided here.

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