Sundarban Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Rail service in Bangladesh is divided into two zones: Eastern and Western. Sundarban Express is one of the most popular intercity trains in the western zone. The code number of the train is 725/726. Sundarban Express train connects the capital Dhaka with Khulna, the 3rd largest city in the southwestern part of Bangladesh.

The history of train service in the traditional city of Khulna is old. The 1st railway was established here in 1884. Sundarban Express is a modern addition to that history, this luxurious intercity train has been carrying passengers between Dhaka and Khulna since 2003.

The largest mangrove forest in the world is the Sundarbans, that’s in Khulna. The dedicated train for Khulna is named ‘Sundarban Express’ after this forest.

Sundarban Express train schedule ticket price
Sundarban Express—a luxury intercity train from Dhaka to Khulna.

Sundarban Express has all the facilities that a modern train usually offers to its passengers. It has food supplies, sleeping facilities, clean toilets, prayer rooms, and even entertainment. Sundarban Express train contains 7 categories of seats keeping in mind the needs of passengers of different levels. Seats from affordable to high priced are as follows:

  1. Shovan,
  2. Shovan Chair,
  3. 1st Class Seat,
  4. Snigdha,
  5. 1st Berth,
  6. AC Seat,
  7. AC Berth.
Sundarban Express train seat plan
Shovan Chair seats view of Sundarban Express train.

Sundarban Express Train Route Map

Sundarban Express train with code 726 goes from Dhaka to Khulna. On the contrary, the 725 coded Sundarban Express runs from Khulna to Dhaka. Here we’re to present the route map of both the trains.

726 Sundarban Express:

Dhaka> Dhaka Airport> Joydebpur> Bangabandhu Bridge East> S. M. Mansur Ali> Jamtoil> Ullapara> Boral Bridge> Chatmohar> Ishwardi> Bheramara> Poradaha> Alamdanga> Chuadanga> Darshana Halt> Kotchandpur> Jashore> Noapara> Daulatpur> Khulna.

725 Sundarban Express:

Khulna> Daulatpur> Noapara> Jessore> Kotchandpur> Chuadanga> Alamdanga> Poradaha> Bheramara> Ishwardi> Chatmohar> Boral Bridge> Ullapara> Jamtoil> S. M. Mansur Ali> Joydebpur> Dhaka Airport> Dhaka.

Sundarban Express Train Travel Time

Sundarban Express intercity train runs between Dhaka and Khulna, along with another intercity train Chitra Express. The distance from Dhaka to Khulna by rail is 537 km, according to Bangladesh Railway. Sundarban Express runs on Dhaka-Khulna route during the day, and it takes 9 hours and 25 minutes to cover this distance. On the other hand, the train runs on Khulna-Dhaka route at night and it takes 8 hours and 45 minutes to cover this 537 km distance.

Sundarban Express Train Schedule

Sundarban Express train, code 726, departs from Kamalapur Railway Station in Dhaka at 08:15 AM and reaches Khulna at 05:40 PM. The train runs 6 days a week except Wednesday. On the contrary, Sundarban Express with Code 725 departs from Khulna Railway Station for Dhaka at 10:15 PM and arrives at the destination at 07:00 AM. The train also runs on Khulna-Dhaka route 6 days a week, except Tuesday.

The time schedule of Sundarban Express train from Dhaka to Khulna and from Khulna to Dhaka is shown in two separate tables below.

Sundarban Express Dhaka to Khulna
Departure Time Arrival Time Off
Dhaka 08:15 AM Khulna 05:40 PM Wed
Sundarban Express Khulna to Dhaka
Departure Time Arrival Time Off
Dhaka 10:15 PM Khulna 07:00 AM Tue

Sundarban Express Train Ticket Price

The table below shows the ticket prices applicable for all seats from Shovan class to AC Berth for Dhaka to Khulna and Khulna to Dhaka-bound Sundarban Express train, as per the updated fare list of Bangladesh Railway.

Seat Class Ticket Price
Shovan ৳ 420
Shovan Chair ৳ 505
First Seat ৳ 670
Snigdha ৳ 840
First Berth ৳ 1005
AC Seat ৳ 1005
AC Berth ৳ 1505
Sundarban Express Train Ticket Price
Sundarban Express Train Ticket Price 2023.

Sundarban Express Train Stoppages

Sundarban Express intercity train having a code 726 runs from Dhaka to Khulna and halts at a total of 20 stations on its way. On the other hand, Sundarban Express with code 725 stops at 17 stations on its way from Khulna to Dhaka.

Below is a list of all stoppages for the train Sundarban Express:

  1. Daulatpur,
  2. Noapara,
  3. Jashore Junction,
  4. Mubarakganj (for 726 only),
  5. Kotchandpur,
  6. Darshana Halt (for 726 only),
  7. Chuadanga,
  8. Alamdanga,
  9. Poradaha Junction,
  10. Bheramara,
  11. Ishwardi Junction,
  12. Chatmohar,
  13. Boral Bridge,
  14. Ullahpara,
  15. Jamtail Junction,
  16. Shaheed M. Monsur Ali,
  17. Bangabandhu Bridge East Junction,
  18. Mouchak (for 726 only),
  19. Joydebpur Junction, and
  20. Dhaka Airport railway station.
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