Boats at Tanguar Haor: Facilities, Rent & Phone

Tanguar Haor is a popular and exceptional tourist destination at Sunamganj in Bangladesh. So, a boat trip to the Haor can offer you a different experience. Being the second Ramsar site in the country after the Sundarbans, it is gaining recognition beyond the country. Though some tourists travel to Tanguar Haor in winter to enjoy the flocks of migratory birds, the best time to visit the Haor is the rainy season.

Usually, Tangua travelers do not end their trip by visiting the Haor only, but they like to enjoy also the beauty of the sights around it. Shaheed Siraj Lake (Niladri Lake), Jadukata River, Baragop Tila or Barek Tila on the river bank, Lakma Chhara, Chanpur Jharna, Shimul Bagan, Shah Arifin’s Shrine, Audwoito Mahaprabhu’s Temple, and Halhalia’s Rajbari—all the places are crowded near Tanguar Haor. You have to reach the places by boat. That is why there is no way to travel to Tangua except by renting a boat. Lots of small and big boats are available for rent. In addition to the small boats of local sailors, there are also large boats with additional travel facilities, that tourists can rent for a fixed period of time from the travel agencies.

টাঙ্গুয়ার হাওর ভ্রমণ নৌকা ভাড়া ২০২৩
Tourists enjoy the beauty of Tanguar Haor with a wooden boat.

The number of tourists in Tanguar Haor is increasing day by day. To take advantage of this, the boat owners have formed syndicates. They are charging much more from the tourists. The owners of big boats, especially, are doing this. Some of them are charging four to five times more than the reasonable amount. A cut-throat price, undoubtedly. This is the only annoying aspect of visiting Tanguar Haor. It has been calculated that in a boat where the maximum expense might be 4-5 thousand taka for two nights and one day, including oil and labor, the boat owners are charging up to 20-22 thousand taka. To stop extorting tourists, the local administration has fixed reasonable fares according to the capacity of the boat. They have pasted the rental chart on each boat too.

Attempts to Control Boat Rentals at Tanguar Haor

According to the boat rental list of Tanguar Haor fixed by Tahirpur Upazila Administration of Sunamganj: a small boat that can carry a maximum of 20 passengers will be rented for 8-12 hours at 3 thousand taka, and it will be rented for 2 days and 1 night or maximum 32 hours at 6 thousand taka and The rent for 3 days and 2 nights or a minimum of 56 hours will be 7 thousand taka; A medium boat that can carry a maximum of 30 passengers can be rented for 8-12 hours at 4,500 taka, and for 2 days and 1 night it can be rented at 9,000 taka and for 3 days and 2 nights at 10,000 taka; The rent for a large boat with a capacity of 40 passengers is 6 thousand taka for 8-12 hours, 12 thousand taka for 2 days and 1 night or minimum 32 hours and 13 thousand taka for 3 days and 2 nights or a minimum of 56 hours.

টাঙ্গুয়ার হাওরে নৌকা ভাড়া ও মোবাইল নম্বর
A chart showing the fixed boat fares in Tanguar Haor.

Most recently, on 06/09/’21, The Tahirpur Trawler Owners’ Association also tried to bring order to the boat rental at Tanguar Haor. They have rescheduled the rental for each boat according to its capacity, as shown in the picture below:

টাঙ্গুয়ার হাওরে নৌকা ভাড়া ২০২৩
Boat rentals for Tanguar Haor fixed by Tahirpur Trawler Owners Association.

Types of Boats at Tanguar Haor

But on the ground, boat owners are not following the boat rental lists. They are demanding higher rent by showing various excuses. But since it is not possible to travel to Tanguar Haor without a boat and you can visit not only the Haor but also all the tourist attractions around the haor by boat, you have to rent a boat big or small depending on the number of members of your traveling team.

There are a few things to keep in mind when renting a boat at Tanguar Haor, such as whether there is a facility to charge mobile phones and cameras from solar panels, are there adequate bulbs, fans, bathrooms, and what their condition is. When renting a boat, you must bargain well. How much a boat will cost depends on three factors: the capacity of the boat, the facilities, and the season of your trip.

The smaller the team, the more likely you are to feel comfortable. The small boatmen there are local residents. Every place in the haor and the people of the surrounding villages are familiar to them. These villagers on the banks of the Haor are very simple and hospitable. You can easily get in touch with them. As a result, they will help you to make your trip more enjoyable. There are hundreds of such small boats owned by the locals for rent in Tanguar Haor.

However, since there is no way to travel to Tanguar Haor without a boat and the place to spend the night is also a boat, there are some big and luxurious boats in Tahirpur. They have wide roofs, adequate sleeping space, and both flat and high commode toilets. You can rent any one of more than 20 such boats according to your needs and budget.

If you do not get solar panels and life jackets in your boat, you can rent IPS and life jackets from Tahirpur Bazar. If you rent a boat with cooking facilities, the boatman will take a cook with him or he will cook for you. You should discuss these matters with the boatman in advance and then fix the amount of rent.

If the members of your tourist team are around 40, you can rent a large and luxurious boat made of steel. Six big boats run by several online travel groups of Dhaka and Chittagong go to Haor with tourists from the wharf of Tahirpur Upazila Sadar. Below are the facilities and mobile numbers of some of the well-known boats of Tanguar Haor.

Notable Boats in Tanguar Haor: Facilities, Rent & Mobile

Abida & Taha Tangua Pramodtari

It is an old, big and luxurious boat in Tanguar Haor. The boat can carry 150-200 tourists. It has a sleeping capacity of 22 people.

The facilities of this boat include two separate cabins for boys and girls, pillow, mattress, mosquito net, three toilets (high and low commode), basin, 300-liter water tank, water pump motor, round-the-clock electricity by IPS, Laptop and mobile charge points, Thai glass to prevent engine noise pollution.

More than a hundred people can sit on the roof of the boat together and perform any event. The boat has its own kitchen and cooking facilities. In addition, tourists can arrange rooftop lunches and singing sessions at a cost. It has life jackets.

The one-day rent of the boat ‘Abida and Taha’ is 12 thousand taka. If you rent for 2 days and 1 night, you have to pay 18 thousand taka. It usually starts from Bazar Ghat or Thana Ghat of Tahirpur Upazila Sadar on the first day. After touring the surrounding area including the Watch Tower at Tanguar Haor, and after spending the night in the boat, it arrives at the Tekerghat Limestone Mining Project Ghat. From here you can see Shaheed Siraj Lake and Lakma Chhara on foot. However, if you want to go to Chanpur Jharna, Baragop Tila, Jadukata River, and Shimul Bagan, you have to go by motorbike or auto. The boat charges extra for cooking.

To rent an Abida & Taha Tangua pleasure boat contact: 01733-172458.


Chandrabati is a well-known and well-facilitated boat for traveling to Tanguar Haor. It has spacious and clean toilets with high and low commodes. It has two separate cabins for 18 boys and girls to sleep at night. 50 people can sit together on the roof of the boat. It has a generator, adequate LED bulb, floodlight, emergency signal light, fan, mobile and camera charging points, 16 life jackets, first aid box, water pump, canopy, and Sheetal Pati. For cooking, there is a gas stove with two burners, tea flasks, and utensils for 40 people at once.

Chandrabati’s fare for 2 days on Friday and Saturday is 22,500 taka, and it charges 16,500 taka on any 2 days except Friday and Saturday. The rent for 1 day and 1 night is 9,500 taka. This includes kitchen, life jacket, engine fuel, cooking gas, generator fuel (5 liters), kitchen accessories, wharf toll, etc.

Mobile Phone: 01884-710723, 01869-689817.

Sindabad Tari

It is also a very popular boat in Tanguar Haor. Notable features include a generator, 6 fans, 20 mobile charging systems at once. A maximum of 24 tourists can spend the night together at Sindabad Tari. It also has a basin, high commode, and low commode toilets.

The fixed fare of the boat for 2 nights and 1 day is 24 thousand taka. Tourists do not have to pay extra for food and cooking in this package. However, if you rent for one day, you will have to pay 18 thousand taka.

Contact for rent (Emran): 01673-111237.

Tangua Nou-paribahan

This boat also has almost all the common facilities for tourists. It allows 24 tourists to sleep at night. The boat rent for 2 days and 1 night is 14 to 18 thousand taka. The rent for 1 day is from 6 thousand to 9 thousand taka.

Contact (Samayun Kabir): 01712-143753.

Mohona Nou-paribahan

This is another tourist-friendly boat at Tanguar Haor. It can carry 100 people and can provide a sleeping facility for 20-25 people. The boat has 3 IPS-powered fans. Like other boats, it has a basin, high commode and low commode toilets. The fare of Mohana Paribahan is 20 thousand taka for 2 days and 1 night, and 10 thousand taka for 1 day.

Booking mobile number (Alam): 01714-365012.

Muktamani Nou-paribahan

It is a medium-sized boat. Opportunities are also limited. It has a flat toilet, no high commode. No mobile charging facility. The boat authority pays the gas bill and the cook’s fees. At night, 12 tourists can sleep in this boat. The rent for 2 days and 1 night is 12 thousand taka, and for 1 day it charges 5 thousand taka.

Contact Mobile (Paran Akhanji): 01718-168314.

Haor King

The Haor King, a wooden tourist boat in Tanguar Haor, contains food utensils for 40 people and sleeping arrangements for 20 people. There is a generator, 3 fans, 6 mobile charge sockets and 10 life jackets. There are high and low commodes, separate cabins for girls, football for playing in the water and chess and ludu for playing on the roof of the boat, basin, Jainamaz, and a 150-liter water tank. There are seating benches and awnings on the roof.

The rental of Haor King is 18,000 taka from Tahirpur Ghat for 2 days and 1 night on Fridays, Saturdays, and holidays; And 12,000 taka from Sunday to Thursday. It charges 8,000 taka to rent the boat for 1 day (9 am to 5 pm). And if you start your journey from Sunamganj Saheb Bari Ghat, the fare for any 2 days from Friday to Thursday is 22,000 taka (from 8 am to 5 pm the next day).

Mobile number of Haor King for booking: 01776-848698.

টাঙ্গুয়ার হাওরে নৌকা ভাড়া
The Haor King: A tourist boat in Tanguar Haor.

Tangua Avizatrik

The Tangua Avizatrik has 6 cabins, each 7.5 feet in length and standard in height. It has 2 washrooms with a high commode, 20 life jackets, fans, and charging points. The boat started its journey from Saheb Bari Ghat in Sunamganj. Its fair for 2 days and 1 night on Friday and Saturday for 12-15 passengers is 6,000 taka; and 4,200 taka from Sunday to Thursday. If there are less than 12 passengers, the fare can be reduced through negotiation.

Mobile number for booking and details: 01788-556555.

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