Upaban Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Upaban Express (Train No. 739/740) is a fast and luxurious intercity train operated by Bangladesh Railway, running from Dhaka to Sylhet. There are three more intercity trains run on Dhaka to Sylhet train route, a long-distance destination in the north-east of the country. These are: Parabat Express, Jayantika Express and Kalni Express.

Upaban Express started running in 1988.

This article highlights the train schedule and ticket price of Upaban Express.

Upaban Express Train Schedule
Upaban Express, an intercity train run on Dhaka-Sylhet-Dhaka.

Upaban Express intercity train runs from Dhaka to Sylhet and Sylhet to Dhaka route. If you want to travel from Dhaka to Sylhet by Upaban Express, you can take a train from Kamalapur Railway Station or Bimanbandar Railway Station in Dhaka.

Upaban Express Dhaka to Sylhet

Upaban Express intercity train departs daily from Kamalapur Railway Station at 08:30 PM, and then it leaves the next Airport Railway Station at 09:02 PM. The train arrives at Sylhet Railway Station at 05:00 AM.

On Dhaka to Sylhet route, Upaban Express runs 6 days of the week, except Wednesday.

Upaban Express Schedule from Dhaka to Sylhet
Departure Time Arrival Time Off Day
Kamalapur 08:30 PM Sylhet 05:00 AM Wed
Airport 09:02 PM

Upaban Express Sylhet to Dhaka

Upaban Express train starts from Sylhet Railway Station at 11:30 PM, and arrives at Dhaka Airport Station at 06:00 AM and at Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station at 06:45 AM. The train halts at Airport Railway Station for 3 minutes only.

The intercity train Upaban Express runs on Sylhet to Dhaka route everyday of the week, with no off day.

Upaban Express Schedule from Sylhet to Dhaka
Departure Time Arrival Time Off
Sylhet 11:30 PM Airport 06:00 AM No
Kamalapur 06:45 AM

Upaban Express Travel Duration

The exact distance between Dhaka and Sylhet by rail is 319 km. Upaban Express train takes a total of 7 hours and 15 minutes to cover this distance. The distance from Sylhet Railway Station to Dhaka Airport Railway Station is 302 kilometers, the train takes 6 and a half hours to cover this distance.

The above calculation is based on the official schedule given by Bangladesh Railway. Your actual travel time may vary slightly from this calculation.

Upaban Express Station List

Upaban Express train travels 319 km way on Dhaka to Sylhet and vice versa route, between your initial and target station. On this long journey, the train halts at only 10 stations along the way. The stoppages of Upaban Express train, from Dhaka to Sylhet, are as follow:

  1. Dhaka Airport railway station,
  2. Narsingdi,
  3. Bhairav Bazar,
  4. Shaistaganj Junction,
  5. Srimangal,
  6. Bhanugach,
  7. Shamser Nagar,
  8. Kulaura Junction,
  9. Baramchal,
  10. Maijgaon.
Upaban Express Train Ticket Price.
A Sylhet to Dhaka train ticket for Upaban Express.

Upaban Express Ticket Price

The table below shows the ticket price of Upaban Express train as per the updated price specification of Bangladesh Railway. As you know, the train ticket price depends on the quality of its seats. You can buy any quality seat ticket as per your choice and convenience.

Class Srimangal Kulaura Sylhet
Shovan ৳ 200 ৳ 230 ৳ 265
Shovan Chair ৳ 240 ৳ 280 ৳ 320
First Seat ৳ 320 ৳ 370 ৳ 425
First Berth ৳ 480 ৳ 555 ৳ 640
Snigdha ৳ 460 ৳ 529 ৳ 610
AC Seat ৳ 552 ৳ 639 ৳ 736
AC Berth ৳ 828 ৳ 955 ৳ 1099
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