Utma Chora : A Secluded Tourist Place in Sylhet

Utma Chora [উৎমা ছড়া] is a wonderful tourist destination near Bholaganj Zero Point, on the northern border of Sylhet in Bangladesh. This secluded intersection of hills and rivers has recently begun to attract more tourists. Most of those who visit Bholaganj Sada Pathor also visit Utma Chora.

In this article, we have provided detailed travel information about Utma Chora’s location, how to get to Utma Chora, where to eat and drink, etc. based on our own travel experience.

Utma chora Sylhet
Utma chora, Sylhet—a secluded tourist place in Sylhet.

From the mountains of Cherrapunji, a cool water fountain has come down splitting the chest of the dense forest. That’s the Utma Chora. Thick lining of small, large and reddish stones across the bottom of the brook. The strong streams jump over the rocks. As a result, the area resounding the loud sound of water flowing.

On the upper side, many birds are singing in the forest of the two banks. Thus, the beautiful Utma Chora, the most secluded tourist place in Sylhet, stretches a call for intense tranquility for people who are tired of useless business and irritated of mechanical noise.

Utma chora Bholaganj
Utma chora Tourist Spot, Companiganj, Sylhet.

Where is Utma Chora

Utma Chora tourist place is located at North Ronikhai Union of Companiganj upazila of Sylhet. A secluded and intensive tourist place of Sylhet with a raft of white clouds over the mountains, immense greenery and ice-cold silvery water. Travelers compare it to Bichanakandi. But there is a big difference. There is no crowd, no noise in Utma Chora. It is unique for its close proximity to nature.

Utma Chora Travel time

The best time to visit Utma Chora tourist place is the rainy season. Suppose, from June to September. The fountain is then exuberant, vivid and full of beauty. But in the winter the water flow is reduced. Then the big and medium rocks drift, sands rises up along the brook. Water flows gently through the gaps of the stones. Thus, the grace of Utma Chora changes from season to season.

How to go to Utma Chora

To reach Utma Choa, at first you’ve to go to Sylhet. The following two articles provide detailed information of how to go from Dhaka to Sylhet by road and rail:

And then from Sylhet city, you’ve to go to Doyarbazar in Companiganj. It is 35 km north from Sylhet. CNG-powered auto rickshaws are available at the city’s Amberkhana point to go directly to Doyarbazar. It may take about an hour, the rent is 130 Taka. There are also several types of buses. Local bus, BRTC double-decker bus and Sada pathor tourist Bus. But buses don’t go directly to Doyarbazar, it goes up to Bholaganj. You’ll go Doyarbazar from Bholaganj by autorickshaw, it takes about 20 minutes. Bus fare from Mazumdari bus stand (near Amberkhana) to Bholaganj is BRTC bus tk. 60, Shadapathor tourist bus tk. 70 and local bus tk 70.

Utma chora
The savage stream is rushing out with a loud murmur on the rough bed of stones.

Then, from the west-end of the Dholai Bridge of Bholaganj, it will cost tk. 25/30 by tomtom or autorickshaw to go to Doyarbazar. Here you may get down for a while, take a rest, have a cup of tea or drink. The autorickshaw station is at the eastern entrance of Doyarbazar. If you don’t find the autorickshaw, you will need to rent a motorbike. This is how to go to Chorerbazar. Chorerbazar is straight eastwards from Doyarbazar, 8 km away. Autorickshaw fare is tk. 30/35. Utamachorha tourist place is within ten minutes walking distance from Chorerbazar.

Where to eat near Utma Chora

All kinds of food are available at ‘Panch Bhai’ or ‘Pansi’ restaurant in Zindabazar, Sylhet, at affordable price. If you depart for Utma Chora from Sylhet via CNG-operated auto-rickshaw, you can eat at ‘Pansi Barhi’ Hotel next to the highway at Companiganj Sadar on the way, or at the ‘Nobin Hotel’ of Tukerbazar in your next station. There are no good quality hotels in Doyarbazar and Chorerbazar, however, you will find rural hotels to meet your needs.

Other places of interest near Utma

Currently, the most interesting place in the northern border region of Sylhet is Shada Pathor. If you think about the convenience of travel, after the Shada Pathor trip, you will leave for Utma. Not far from Utma Chora is another mountain spring called Turong Chora. It can be reached in twenty minutes on foot from Utma.

If you have enough time on your hands or if you plan a two-day trip, you can travel from Companiganj to Goainghat in the east. Then there is Kanaighat, east of Goainghat. These two areas are full of natural tourist destinations. Some of the notable tourist destinations are: Sada Pathor, Ratargul Swamp Forest, Lalakhal, Bichanakandi, Jaflong, Lovachora and Panthumai Waterfall.

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